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  • Hello,

    I created this game a few weeks ago. I was inspired by 'Rags to Riches' for the Commodore 64 even though I never actually played the game, but watched it on Youtube.

    Play 'Lousy Bum' on the Scirra Arcade:


    It's not a fully fledged game, more of a demo if you will, but I was curious as to what people think of it.

    - R

    P.S. If anyone knows a better way of updating the leaderboard.. currently it does so every minute. You only die in the game if you get driven over, and there is no ending to the game otherwise.

  • Fun idea.

    When I first started playing, I tried creeping on people to see if I'd annoy them (with my stench?) lol

    I think it's a cool idea. You could take it a lot of different ways.

    My first impressions were:

    You could include pan handling mechanics. Various signage with varying returns. Google will have a lot of fodder for sign ideas.

    Street performing mechanics. Find enough money, buy that pawn guitar, start leveling up your skills for cash.

    The robbing and suing aspects are hilarious. Though, it could have a negative social commentary vibe to it, so, I guess it all depends on how you would present it. But for sure, that is a funny mechanic.

    Any other apps out there like this one right now?

  • Hey,

    Cool you checked out my game. Well, it's more of a demo than a full game.

    Yes the pedestrians spark a lot of interest, people who play the game like to see features like being able to rob them for example.

    What did you mean by 'signage' though? Like street signs.. or..? Same for 'pan handling mechanics'. You mean like panning around the screen?

    I like your idea about street performance. Of course, knowing myself, I probably won't work on the game anymore, since I tend to lose interest after it's 'complete' within a certain scope. Might be different if I didn't have to do all the programming myself, since I'm stil learning and regularly encounter - for me - infuriating issues. I do like to make graphics and game ideas.

    Anyway, it was mostly based on the game 'Rags to Riches' for the C64. I never played that game - did see footage of it - and when was inspired to make something similar but with a a twist of course but the same goal; make money from a bum to a wealthy person.

    Yeah about robbing and sueing, this game is probably suitable for 16+ or something for a specific audience. Although there isn't any actual visible violence in the game.

    I don't know about any similar games like this one. I figure this one alone is hard to find if you were looking for it, since it's not promoted, popular or otherwise known outside this topic and the Scirra Arcade. Well, if you type in 'Lousy Bum' in Google the game does get listed on the first page, lol.

    One guy called 'MO SALAAH' said he set the highscore of $8,096 as a guest. That's quite impressive and if anyone is up for it he asks that someone try to beat his score!

    - R

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  • Signage, meaning like, the cardboard signs that homeless people hold while begging.

    There is the classic "Any bit helps, god bless." then there is the more funny ones like "need money for beer."

    I know the feeling about moving on after so much is complete.

    My PC is littered with half baked games from the last 15 or so years.

    It's a great game concept. I'd encourage you to keep working on it in between projects.

    One day your muse may hit you and you'll find whatever that missing piece is that takes it from a game to a GAME. :P

    I had one thought about that actually.

    Its a game about homelessness, right?

    Well, first subtract the negative social commentary.

    Second, use it as a "help the homeless" project.

    Meaning, you can do a kickstarter, set the goal loooooooow, like $1000.

    Then you do this.

    Find the homeless community, get them to tell you their "tales from the street."

    You'll get an insane amount of creative content to draw from.

    Now you have story vignettes for the players to move through (and motivate all of the game mechanics).

    So the kick to the kickstarter: 70% goes to the homeless people involved in the game.

    Boom bam.

    Liberals unite to fund game.

    Game get's massively overfunded.

    Homeless people happy

    you happy

    game finished

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