A little webgl Copperlicht/C2 3D demo

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  • Hello guys !

    I use the wonderfull C2 plugin from Juantar to make this little 3D demo.

    You need a compatible webgl browser (firefox,chrome ...) ... also a keyboard and a mouse with wheel ... support "WASD" (qwerty) and ZQSD (azerty) keyboard settings.

    Access to the demo Here !

    Please report bugs etc etc .. !

    ENjoy !

  • I get the grey text, but on Chrome, everything else is a black background.

    Are the images large?

  • JohnnySix

    Not really large, it can make some time to load sometimes but with last chrome or last firefox, users should not have problems using webgl and so this demo.

    The only problem i found is a Iphone4 last iOS webgl enabled Iphone which doesn't load the webgl part of this demo.

    Verify please if your "webgl feature is enabled" in chrome using the following syntax in adress bar


    and test webgl using this link -> tutorial 6 - copperlicht, i use the same example in my demo.

  • Strange, webGL is on and the demo posted works fine. Very odd.

    Just using Win 7 home Premium, Vanilla Chrome , no plugins.

  • its not workin for me either on FF12. I see the grey txt thats it

  • No more grey text but blue text with the new version of the demo post this afternoon ... don't forget to refresh your page empty cache etc ...

    Test on dropbox with my vista pc + FF12/FF15beta/Chrome 19.0.1084.52 m ... all seems to work so seems to be a real mistake ! perhaps a firewall blocking problem or a laggy server ... 3D scene is loaded using the last "files" C2 R92 feature so it's almost like url loading files.

  • Works great on my machine (Win7 64, Chrome)! Very, very cool.

  • Thanks !!!!! ...

    I begin to believe be alone to be able to use it ! so it's really good news !

    Smart to have people like you giving feedbacks ... some are good news others are bugs but be sure i like people giving time to tests our creations !

    Just a question (@srealist) have you copperlicht or coppercube install on your computer ?

    do you really use this LINK ?

    I just try to understand why other guys with webgl browsers have problems .... so perhaps i just change something in the last release which make things works ... the most important is that it works for someone ... after if it works for everyone it's much better ! ;-p

  • Hi Naelian,

    It's my pleasure to check out your work. Yes, the link you provided above works perfect for me. The controls are such that sometimes I end up in a spin, but that would be my only critique given that this is a demo. I do not have copperlicht or coppercube installed on my machine. So, I've no idea why others are having problems.

    Question: Since I see you have lighting working (I assume it is not pre-baked into the textures), would it be possible to utilize shaders? I'm so anxious for shaders to be implemented in C2 - even just normal and spec maps would make a world of difference.

    Keep up the great work!

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  • srealist, for this problem of spin ... moving slowly in stairs make you block 50% of time and go into a spin .. sometimes going in "corners" too ... Flying/Jumping stay the better way to move up until i find a answer but seems some automatic features avoiding block are disabled when using a full C2 motion control.

    I don't work on the lights, it's a tutorial example with pre computed lights so there is some lights/shadows errors now (the new door). it's possible to have something more interactive with lights/shadows but i have a very poor 3D experience and i'm not sure the actual plugin release can managed dynamic lights very well.

    Copperlicht/Coppercube are like C2, in progress but with some bugs and unworking features in some cases ... so with time it will be better ! .... a quick example ... the build in proximity sensor is bug ... i wanted to have the door open if player is near and close if far ... the only way to do that now is to create a custom function and Juantar can't create a C2 function for each copperlicht feature, make his plugin a monster ! .... so some clever priority choice must be done and actually i just make the door move left and right waiting for a debug sensor feature.

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