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This artwork is best to make a endless side scrolling games.
  • Rory

    Nice! So you're using smaller sprites like 64x64 size, or you're running the whole game at a lower resolution perhaps??

  • Rory

    The reason I ask is because I sometimes get this 'jerking' behavior whenever I create new sprites in my game..

    I think it's whenever I create or maybe even delete sprites in the middle of my game-- do you ever get that???


    I don't get that problem, but perhaps you are creating more than one sprite?

    Are you using the "Do once while true" condition?

    Also, I'm actually using full sized sprites and resolutions

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  • Rory

    Ok, awesome, sounds like you are a great C2 Engineer!! . -

    I actually just wanted to test an app on the Cocoon JS launcher and decided to try the flapping bird demo, it works but every time it's about to spawn a pipe it waits and stutters for a sec and then continues on smoothly again...

    Is there a better way to create objects while at the same time keeping it running consistently and smooth??

  • Rory

    Maybe it's because I'm loading two of them at once and they are pretty big so it's causing it to stutter for a second and then start up again so that's what gives it that jerky type of performance...?

    I can't seem to make it run smoothly without the frequent stutters all the time...

  • New update! We are working on Google Play Games support and iOS update still. We will have a Ladder that links both games together allowing people to fight for the top hiscore - including 5 Achievements.

    We are using Ludei 2.0.2 now along with the latest stable Construct 2. The game should run much smoother now. I spent a long time fixing bugs and enhancing the interface.

    Update 3 Changes


    ✓ Updated the game, menu, shop, and loading interfaces.

    ✓ Made the wooden bridge not have collision and general improvements to the level.

    ✓ Many changes to sounds and text.

    ✓ New music.

    ✓ Improvements to the interface.

    ✓ Fading effects added to Shop.

    ✓ Improved FPS and compatibility with other devices.

    ✓ Music and sound buttons now save upon exit and work better.

    ✓ Rocket Trail animation speed reduced by 50%.

    ✓ Added portrait down support.

    ✓ Fixed many bugs/misc.

  • New update again.

    Update 4 Changes


    ✓ Reduced game lag.

    ✓ Fixed bug with being stuck on loading screen.

    ✓ Improved touch input controls with interface.

    ✓ Bug fix with ad not displaying when game finishes loading.

    ✓ Fixed bug with music and sound buttons' alignment.

    ✓ Misc. changes.

  • Update 5 Changes


    ✓ Reduced game lag.

    ✓ Fixed flickering of Ludei logo.

    ✓ Reduced loading lag.

    ✓ Fixed music and sound mute bugs.

    ✓ Fixed bugs with loading for first time launches.

    ✓ Increased sound of purchasing items from shop.

    ✓ Improved ads.

    ✓ Misc. changes and bug fixes.

    iOS version is outdated still. Apple makes it a pain to update, and I do not own anything Apple personally.

  • Update 5.1 and 5.2 Changes


    ✓ Reduced game lag.

    ✓ Improved the music button to resume/play rather than stop/play.

    ✓ Fixed bugs with the music/sound buttons not working as expected.

    ✓ Misc. improvements.

    We also are now using Construct 2 v190 and Ludei 2.11.

    Amazon launch and iOS update incoming soon.

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