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  • That's how a clone is supposed to be done properly.

    Seriously, seems like a well made game, since it attempts to do more than just copy the original.

    Thank you, I expected much more hate than love because the game play is almost identical, so your comment really made my day :)

  • Rory Glad to help!

    However, you can PM me when the game's updated, However, I'm going to try it again, Maybe it's the device's problem.

  • Alright, that will be great :) thank you!

  • -Removed-

  • Rory - I finally did come across some lag as mentioned by other posters. I noticed the lag only seemed to occur during ad changes or the first ad during game play. It is noticeable and caused several deaths. But, I don't know if there is anything you could do to fix it - probably something to do with Ludei or your ad server. Who are you using for ads?

    Also, do any of the rockets have unique characteristics? So far, I have the original, the $700 rocket, and the 100 plays rocket. Besides artistic design, do they offer any unique powers or movements?

  • Rory What about forgetting my first comment?

    Seriously, I've tried it again, It doesn't lag ..

    Maybe it was from the tablet ..

    The sounds are great, Graphics are awesome as well as the gameplay.

    However .. It's not easy .. I couldn't score higher than 3 ...

    The problem of the vertical line still exists, it doesn't do anything or make me look at it. But your game would be better if it's removed ..

    One more thing, I don't see any ads... I don't know why ...

    Again, Your game is great. Keep up the good work!


    Hady Hayman (IamHadzy)

  • elafreat - I think the lag is tied to the ads. I usually have lag now whenever a new ad pops up. I don't know if Rory can do anything about that. I am using Droid Razr M and do not see that vertical line.

    My highest score is 18, but I usually get 0 to 4.

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  • Rory

    The game doesn't load on my nexus 7

    Get the ludei screen then lazy rocket, then either nothing happens or it crashes

  • I'm having a similar black screen issue as DARTH Crusher on my samsung galaxy nexus. After ludei loading screen I'm stuck at a black screen with a rocket floating, and that's about it.

  • Major Update 1 Changes


    ? Second shop opened! Buy & unlock unique trail designs.

    ? Improved Collision Detection

    ? Improved in-game graphics. Removed perspective.

    ? Bug fixes.

    ? Optimizations for older devices!

    We're still looking into a better exporter for Construct 2 to be more efficient with older devices. There's also plans of expanding on the gameplay mechanics.

  • We just released Lazy Rocket on iTunes.

  • Android version has been updated with some new features and optimizations!

    Update 2 Changes


    ? Options to disable Music & Sound Effects!

    ? Compatibility for older devices!

    ? Optimizations - Faster frame rates on all devices!

    ? Fixed dark line in the sky visual bug.

    ? Awesome new app icon!

    iOS update being processed

  • Rory

    Great Job on Lazy Rocket!...BTW- How did you get the Gameplay so smooth???

  • Well done!


    I just tried not to over use graphic intensive features!

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