Lawnmower Xtravaganza/Cortacésped Madness on Google Play

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  • Well, this is my first C2 game, and I think its not half bad!

    There are actually 2 versions, one in spanish and another one in english.

    (Both are FREE)

    Its a lawn mower racing game, and while I used the good old car behaviour, I made some tweaks that I think make the driving experience (drifting specially) much more dynamic and fun.


    -3 circuits

    -5 difficulty levels (And a practice mode)

    -2 Unlockable extra game modes

    -Rubberband AI on very easy (the rival -kind of- waits for you if he is winning) and very hard (no matter how good you are, the other guy wont never be too far!) difficulties.

    -Layered music: The music gets more intense as you complete laps

    -Google Play leaderboards

    -14 Google play achievements

    Includes pay options to remove ads and unlock every circuit/mode/difficulty (Not necessary! You can unlock everything just playing quite fairly without pointless grinding)

    English version: Lawnmower Xtravaganza

    Spanish version: Cortacésped Madness

    This is my first android game, so there might be some issues (Aparently Google Services integration doesnt always work, and I didnt manage to make the leaderboard button display a list of all the leaderboards instead of the selected circuit/mode only) but Im happy with the result.

    I hope you guys like it!

  • Here are some gifs so you can see how the game looks

    Any feedback would be appreciated!

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  • Neat!

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