Last of the Survivors

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  • When ammo is empty and a vehicle or medicite is spawn you should add a random weapon so player could choose one of these.

    Vertical fields (adjustable) or vertical buttons for up and down.

    Right side: tap (on tap release) = jump

    Swipe up or down should change weapons (cycle like up, up ,up...)

    Hi there,

    I have released a new update... lot of your suggestions have been added (except the controls)

    Hopefully the collision box fix should improve your experience and prevent the accidental deaths.

    Please try and let me know what you think!!

  • Check out ... rush&hl=de

    Countdown timer and advertisment video watch (only few times) to continue.

    If you need this: ... r-to-braid

    Music off, but sound effects should be on.

  • Sorry could you elaborate?

  • When your game is game over i can recive but i have to click yes or no. Redline rush has a countdown timer. When time runs out it is gameover (i don't need to click "no"). I can decide to watch a video ad to recive. Last link is a rewind function so you can do the same effect as in redline rush (i guess).

    Sound effect should be able, when i turn oft music.

  • JamesXXXYZ thats a great idea.. Infact I am looking for help on how to implement Video Ads in my game. Admob doesnt seem to show them. I am not sure how to call a Video Ad inside C2 now.

    Do let me know if you have any link for that

  • Update 3: **x86 version released on Google Play! People with Tablets.. please check it out and let me know your experience! **

  • It seems that your Google Play link is broken in your first post of this topic.

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  • Awesome Job!!!!!!!!

    I just finished my first game. It's a lot more basic, but still good fun.

    Game Link:

    (if the link doesn't work, type 'zikdot' into GooglePlay search area and it will come up with a game called 'TapIt')

    Its a hand-eye coordination game! Let me know what you think

  • It seems that your Google Play link is broken in your first post of this topic.

    Thank you for pointing out! I fixed the link

    Please try now

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