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  • Hello all!

    I am here to show you my newest CS game, this one made with my new friend and partner Yoann Dismecha (a great artist I found on this forums and since them we are working together). It's my fourth game, build with Intel Crosswalk.

    Jankentris is an original game that combines the logic of Jankenpon (the famous Rock, Paper, Scissors game) with the Tetris gameplay. Actually, it's a revamped version of my last game (Cut, Smash & Wrap that you can find on my signature).

    In Jankentris you have to move the blocks on screen using touch controls, and drop them on the oposite symbol (according to the Jankenpon game). Drop a paper block to destroy the rock block, drop rock block over a scissor block to smash it and drop a scissor block to cut the paper one.

    Try to pile up or make a line of the same blocks (3 or 5 blocks) to make combos. Make the rocket go higher with your score and level up!

    Take a look on the screenshots:

    Get it here:

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... jankentris

    Thank you all guys!

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