Insanity's Blade Green Lit! Final Release Dec 1st on Steam

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  • IceKrown Thanks! I set the window res to 320x240 and in this case I also have to set the layout scale to 1.25 to emulate the NES resolution properly.

    I draw everything by hand, 80-90% of the graphics are done in the C2 tile editor - the rest is hand drawn art that is scanned, brought down to proper res in photoshop and then saved as 4 color png in photoshop.

    I have the NES palette set as a sprite that I can select and grab the proper colors from.

  • damainman

    quit now works. awesome!

  • OrangeTapioca Awesome and thanks for pointing out that code. Took all of two seconds to swap it up. Where did you find that bit of info out from anyways?

  • damainman, I didn't really. I just figured with Ashley adding the ExecuteJS it wouldn't hurt to try closing the game that way lol

    (I actually tried the method actually before i mentioned it)

  • The art style is great! Gameplay seems pretty good so far! :D

    Not a fan of the wall-jumping mechanics though (in their current state). They are too difficult to pull off correctly. Can you have it so that the player automatically sticks to the wall, so you can just press the jump button to wall jump? I'm not sure...

    (Incidentally, I always thought wall jumping was more of a gameplay mechanic for the SNES than the NES :P)

    Some other things:

    -Somehow, I fell through the acid around the beginning of the third stage and kept falling infinitely.

    -In stage two, the wolves spawn in the walls and fly out like bullets. Is that just buggy movement or are you emulating some of the weird things NES games do on occasion? Either way, it's a bit unfair.

    -The text is hard to read, especially in the prologue.

    -A restart/reset, tutorial (or if you're really dedicated to this, a small manual. If I'm right, most NES games didn't have tutorials, so all gameplay and story was explained in the manual :P), and a full-screen toggle would be nice.

    Keep it up! :D

  • Zero6 haha guess you've never played many NES games before. Wall jumping started on the nes. The wall jumping mechanics are identical to mega mans and probably a tad more forgiving. You hold the jump button down while jumping at a wall and he will hold on and slowly slide down. You will need this later in the game to do extremely precise jumping.

    Aside of the mega man series on nes, many other games do this. Batman and The Ninja Gaiden series come to mind. Ninja gaiden let you stick to the wall though. .

    Needless to say the jumping mechanics can't change. Walk clinging would make later levels unplayable.

    Wolves I will fix, I thought it was funny that they flew through the wall, they do the sane thing in the original ninja gaiden. I'll just set them to die if they spawn on a solid object.

    Still missed some pits I see I'll fix this shortly.

    The final game will have a digital printed style manual. I'll be hand illustrating it. I'm even contemplating doing a pressed disc version with a real box and manual but that's going to depend on time and money.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the game aside of the wall jumping mechanics, the later levels are far more fun than the first three I think. The 4th stage is going to make you cranky - if you every played one of the older castlevania games I've made an enemy that acts exactly like the hopper. Who bombards you with his jump attack 5 times before running away! I wasn't as mean as the castlevania games, they threw a ton of them on screen to get you. I think two are the most that get on screen at the moment.

    I'll explain the jumping mechanics better, maybe that will help!

    When you hit the wall you have the option to tap or hold the jump button. If you wish to wall jump you have to hit the jump button and the direction away from the wall. You can also wall jump at any point that you are falling next to a wall. If you hold the jump button you can slowly slide down the wall, and if you press away from the wall and quickly tap jump again you will jump in that direction. It's like a rhythm - jump at wall, as you hit the wall tap back then jump immediately, rinse and repeat.

    But yeah, I think arcade games were the first to have in game tutorials, some just had them printed on the cabinet near the controllers. I am looking forward to drawing the cheesy manual. Also there are going to be cut scenes with text a plenty in the final version.

    I find the birds far more irritating than the wolves haha! If you aren't mad enough to throw the controller so to speak then I am not doing the game right!!

    Thanks again for trying the demo!! And also a big thanks for pointing out the flaws and bugs. I'll fix everything aside of jumping mechanics!

  • Zero6 I did the changes this morning and got too busy to upload :S I only updated the windows version again.


    F11 should swap between full screen in window (haven't had time to test)

    Wolves can no longer appear in walls.

    Fixed INFINITY FALL+100 in the start of the cave stage.

    I'll need to know what was hard to read about the text :) I haven't had anyone else tell me it was too hard to read yet aside of it scrolling too fast at the start - but that version never made it onto the forum!

    Thanks again for testing!

  • Does the game support the gamepad (Well i plugged in my 360 controller and it works so i assume yes). There doesn't seem to be a button for [ENTER]

    i fell into the fire and didn't die. just at the first drop i made it all the way to the end. i jumped on the wall and just landed in the fire. didn't die.

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  • OrangeTapioca Yes it does technically support the gamepad. I haven't finished putting the controls in yet. Which is why I never mentioned it in any of the write ups.

    Argh - I fixed that fire pit ages ago, The death brick must have been shifted at some point. I really shouldn't work on the game when I'm half asleep, but it's the only time I really have HAHA :D

    I'll fix the doom brick and add start button to be pause.


    Uploaded new demo with hopefully full controller support aside of the full screen key and quit key.

    Fixed doom brick in fire... I hope ;)

    The wall jump was only programmed for keyboard - it has it's own set of key presses to hold the wall and let go, setting variables when doing so. Hopefully I just added it in correctly. I won't be able to do any more fixing until later on during the weekend. We're off on a plane to our week vacation as of tomorrow morning :)

  • That's one fire pit fixed. the first pit after the drop needs to be fixed. lol i fell in and didn't die. xD

    EDIT: seems to not have been fixed. i fell in the same pit and didn't die.

  • OrangeTapioca found the bug - I ended up changing the detection routine for the doom brick. It had a variable that wasn't being turned back on because I had a timer in the middle of the event. Now it's separated into three events and I tried several ways to get it to screw up and it didn't. The doom brick should take your energy away now and then toss you back up on the the last platform you touched!

    I'm going to bed for real now LOL!

    File is uploaded!

  • damainman

    I went back to the last pit, made myself die so i respawned at the checkpoint. went to the first pit between the platform (not counting the firepit at the drop) and while i could move it respawned me. Instead of spawning me at the nearest platform, i ended up respawning at the platform where the last firepit was.

    Also one of the hanging vomit dropper guys i can't kill.

    it's the area after the firepit. the third platform up. the hanger from the left won't die. seems like the hits never register on him.

  • I'll need to know what was hard to read about the text :) I haven't had anyone else tell me it was too hard to read yet aside of it scrolling too fast at the start - but that version never made it onto the forum!

    <img src="" border="0" />

    In my opinion, the text has colors that don't contrast very well, making it difficult to read. When I first tried to read the text in the opening, it gave me a bit of eyestrain. I think the text would better with just two colors.

    (Unrelated to the point above: After seeing the giant boss of level 1, I thought the NES couldn't move sprites that big. :P)

  • Zero6

    <img src="" border="0" />

    I'll look into changing the text color - I think in the case of the intro the image could be made darker - if the nes palette allows...

    But yeah - nes games later on used a background layer to make huge bosses. Sprites were used as the extra parts. So to stick to the NES way of making a boss - the black ground is black because it would have actually been a scrolling layer and having any other tiles on it would have made it look not like a giant sprite.

    The fists would have been sprites and would have flickered when on the same level as the player.

    I'm not a huge fan of the mega man series but the game play was tight and it made a lot of big jumps in game development on such a crapola system. And the above picture is an example of a giant boss :)

    I'm far too drinky to work on the game right now but I will be getting back to it Tuesday night :)

    Thanks for showing me the exact spot where the text was bugging you.

    OrangeTapioca I shouldn't have touched the code at 2am with one eye open ;) I'll see if I can find the problem tuesday night.

    I noticed it was happening when I was holding jump and sliding into the fire. I got rid of the problem but when the player responded he would skip over 5 or 6 times before you could play. Thats fixed but I think another part of the code is being ignored...

  • Zero6 OrangeTapioca

    Just attempted bug fixing and fixed font and image in intro bg. The bug for the invincible enemy is strange - it effects the first one on screen only. Though it's more than likely the last one you attack, because of the way the zoom works to get the nes res, that enemy is technically on the screen at 320x240. Not sure why he is invincible but I've fixed the issue.

    Being a total tool I've been using the hidden player controller sprite to detect all damage collisions. This is the case no longer. The legs/feet spite not detects collisions with the doom brick. So even if you get hit by an enemy, you can still fall in a pit.

    Font is changed to a mellow light grey on dark grey.

    Grab the file from the usual place - back to vacation with me :)

    And thanks for testing again! This thing will be 100% bug free by the time you're done LOL!

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