Hungry Hal - Beta 2.3

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  • NOW BETA 2.3-------

    This is a game I have been working for several months.

    Arrow Keys to move Hal up and down. On touch or with mouse, touch/click and slide up and down to do the same. Lots of little things to work out like balance, the rest of the sounds and the GUI. I would say I'm 90 percent done now.   If by some chance you play this before, you might need to refresh to get the latest version. It should say Beta 1 on the title. At this point I'm not really looking for game suggestions, but more how it plays and what can be tweaked to make it more fun. Thanks for the feedback.

    *****Update Feb 13th, 2014

    I've made a few gameplay changes. Taking out holes and replacing them with traps.

    *****Update Feb 14th, 2014

    Fixed various bugs.

    Increased performance as several background images were duplicating during certain events.   

    Hungry Hal Beta 2.3

  • Made a couple of minor tweaks, it's at beta 1.1 now.

  • ArcadEd

    Your link returns 404 error.

  • Yup, doesn't work.

  • Sorry about that, a space had gotten added in there :). Fixed up now.

  • Is the link working now?

  • I would love to get some feedback on balance. Anything that pops to mind. Speed it up faster, more objects, etc.


  • it works! and it looks good! has the potential of being fun and addictive, its one of those game u need to spend a lot of time to tweak the balance, is it endless runner? or stage by stage? took me 3 go to figure out the gameplay, and the 3rd time i thought i was doing fine, till the sudden death because i ran out of brain, the lack of human was the problem!? anyways, nice game! look forward to see it on app store :)

    btw, im curious how you do the magnet item function, mind sharing the concept of the event?

  • Thank you, yeah balance is going to be key. It's an endless runner that basically has 5 stages the transition through.

    I can post an example of the magnet here in a few minutes.

  • For the magnet. Note, I use the MoveTo plugin.

    1. On Collision with Magnet Sprite

         Activate Magnet Group

         Start Magnet Timer

    2. Magnet Group.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    3. When timer is finished, deactivate Magnet group.

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  • ArcadEd thanks for the example, i have to try that plug in sometime :)

  • looks pretty funny and works out really well :)

    need to test it on phone :)

  • Cool graphics! I agree with others and you that it's all about balance in this type of games. I think playing on keyboard is much easier than flipping on a touchscreen because you can press keyboard keys much faster - so it might be tricky to get the difficulty right on both controllers.

  • The sound didn't work for me.

    Firefox 25.0

    Windows 7 64-bit

  • Weird, I don't know why the sound wouldn't work unless it's some kind of bug with C2 and Firefox. I didn't do anything out of the norm with sound.

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