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  • I did it! I finally got a game on Google Play!

    Only after publishing it do I realize how much I forgot to add. A full description, game control explanation, etc. <img src="smileys/smiley9.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    But at least I got to go through the full process.

    Construct2 -> CocoonJS -> Google Play

    And it works pretty well I must say

    The game is really nothing much, just a tiny unpolished game to try out the whole process. Link to game

  • Correction.

    After having some people try and play my game, I can now confirm that the games status is "unpolished turd". Developing for Android sure is an adventure! :)

  • viking78,

    you may find that negative criticism does more to focus your efforts. there is nothing like the concentrated venom of hate and contempt, to let you know if you are committed to something.

    my favorite review comment on my own game, in the ios app store was...

    "this is the worse game ever. it should be removed from the app store."

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  • Agreed.

    Having worked as a game tester for two years, and now software tester, I am 100% prepared to have my own work critized to hell and back. It's the only way forward! :)

  • Know whats even better? Critisize (is this word correct?) your own work! Maybe thats only possible after you're done with it, but sometimes its funny to find some issues and go like "WHAT WAS I THINKING?"

    A few days ago i wrote a huge wall of text about my own game, unfortunately its in portuguese, but i was surprised with how much stuff i got 'wrong' XD

  • I tryied to publish a game with CocoonJS, but after signing and zaligning the .apk and publishing after all that when Installing it said me "This .apk is not signed properly" or anything like that.

    viking you should make a blog post with an extended guide of how you've done that, because I can't and I'm sure that a lot of people can't play their games because the .apk is not signed properly.

  • devMidgard - I guess I could try to make a guide or something. Might have a little trouble making time with a baby and all. Hard enough finding time for making games as it is :)

    alessandroLino - That sounds like a good approach to taking a critical look at your own work.

  • I found the time <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • wow ...

  • viking78 You did it! Thanks for your time. I'll try again to upload my future game ^^

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