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  • (Currently only Chinese version is available)


    This Feb. 19 is Chinese New Year. It's a Chinese tradition to worship God of Wealth on the 4th day of new year. This will bring you a good luck through out the whole year.So I made a HTML5 greeting card system using Construct 2 which allows user to send greeting cards. I call it "A greeting card from Mrs. Egg". Though this is NOT a game (but a card design application), this webapp demonstrate the ability of C2 to cooperate with other technology like: PHP, MySQL, PHPmailer...

    Main features that you might be interested:

    1. Intro animation.

    2. Facebook login

    3. Combined with server PHP script to save messages and send Email.

    4. Auto detect mobile devices and PCs (actually they are split to 2 different projects).

    5. Card design (for sender) and card browser (for receiver) are two different project.

    6. Card browser has a interesting layout control.

  • I've made something similar for the tv station I work on ... I made a (local)Christmas greeting card program. My version lets you take a picture of yourself , select a tv program (from our roster) and it will load the respective look/layout and cast of musicians and dancers along with the user's picture into one of the avatars. I even made a tutorial. I'm certain you'd like it seeing as yours has such nice design and graphics to it.

    here's the tutorial

    Here's my avatar as he would appear. (can't show the actual product tho) The good thing is that it worked and did what I needed.

  • C2 its a very versatile platform.

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  • I want some new greeting card. if give me home made that good. if it not possible please learn me how to make greeting card.

  • It's trends with html5 greeting cards. Your greeting card webapp also adopts html5 technology. Right? Recently, there are many online greeting card maker. For example, AmoLinK greeting card maker. It allows you to create a personalized message, integrating video, sound, music, dynamic effects and animations in your chosen card design. The best feature of amolink card maker is the mode of sending. You just need send a link or QR cord, your works can be browsed in seconds. It's convenient and super fun.

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