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  • Hi there! A long time ago I made an illustration and mused about this game. I made it originally in Klick and Play(maxis corporation) but since they "vanished" I never got to keep working on it. Along came C2 and I said to myself Let's do this! So I red trough most of the forums and manuals and even made a little space shooter try out to test the waters a bit( you can try it out here It's not finished I'm just testing stuff Red Fighter Test )(eventually this will be a decent-ish game just not yet).


    I have a capx of my very little progress here:

    GoatSukah CAPX

    Note that all is very basic at the moment. I just wanna solve some small issues so I can continue building uppon it.

    and my work in progress test folder

    Published Test Folder

    The thing is. After a while my Platform game started behaving really slow. I reduced the size on the background and fixed the platform behviour on the character. Added some "interface wannabe" so I could try it on the iphone 3gs I have. (not updated to IOS version 6 yet though (not enough space :P ))

    I have quite an amount of games in the sketchbooks still but i'd like to make this one work before I start any others.

    My target audience will be mobile... I'm starting with iphone because its what I have (and a fairly outdated one at that).

    I'm still making stuff for this game and hope to solve the slowdown issues. Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

    If you need any illustrations let me know too.

    RageVortex on Deviant Art

    Happy hunting -game making -- shooting--


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