Gearup - mech shooter platformer

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  • Hi everyone

    this is my first game with construct that I have been working on for a couple month

    started out as a mere animation experiment, it grows into a game

    the game is simple shooter platformer,

    you drive a mech, earn money, and upgrade your gear

    <img src="" border="0">

    <img src="" border="0">

    <img src="" border="0">

    currently there's nothing much in it,

    but the basic mechanic is done,

    for now there's only 4 level in the same dessert,

    I'll work on more level,

    and the tutorial level is kinda suck as right now and I might need to redone it

    you can play the game here:

    reccomended using chrome,

    and I'm not sure how the performance will go, because I haven't tested it on many machine

    tell me what you think guys

    any feedback is appreciated! :)

  • Hi mochakingup,

    Just played your game. It took a while to load, but once I was in I really liked it. Nice tutorial, smooth game-play and animations. Also like the style of your graphics (very original).

    Good luck with it, I'm sure it'll do well :)

  • wow that was a lot of fun. difficult but enjoyable. and i'm a sucker for upgrades. well done! can't wait to see more.

  • mochakingup holy crap! That looks awesome! *goes to play it*


    I literally spent that whole 5 minutes moonwalking the mech..

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  • Blacksmith


    yeah, I cant help with the loading, because that's how construct handle it, loading all the files at the beginning. right now it's about 10mb total. hopefully loading per layout will be implemented soon.

    don't you feel the tutorial a little bit putting off or boring?


    Thanks! the game is a bit of a grind,

    me too a suckers for customization,

    I find my self enjoy to create the item and upgrade more than creating the levels :p


    thanks! hahaha

    maybe I should add 'moonwalk' in the features list

  • It looks very good!

    But the in-game screenshots make it hard to distinguish between background and foreground action. The colors don't contrast enough :)

  • mochakingup,

    No I thought the tutorial was fine. It wasn't too long, and people generally find it useful to have a brief introduction before getting started. You could always add a skip button for those people who just can't wait to play (if you have one already, sorry I missed it)!


  • Looks quite nice! Not sure about the tutorial - maybe it could be implemented in the first mission just by adding signs like "Press Shift to dash", etc? After all, controls should be pretty familiar to people who played any games and might not need a really thorough demonstration - most people who play games are familiar with concept of movement, jumps, using Shift to run and mouse buttons to shoot, etc.

  • mochakingup

    wow... so glad you put this up..

    again I want to compliment your artwork it is amazing,,

    i enjoyed the tutorial , it kept my interest..and was very informative.. love the movements/ animations.. runs really smooth

    I like the menu and sounds

    I've bookmarked the page to come back and play some more..

  • Rory

    thanks for pointing that up!

    what do you think the best way to do this?

    should I create separate sprite for the background, or just apply effects to the layer, I'm not sure what's the best option here


    Thanks! I was waiting for it to have more content before posting

    I'm glad you like it! how far did you manage to go?

    Blacksmith Niko

    I guess the tutorial experience will differ for each people

    Back then when I first showed it to my friends, some of them is struggling with the controls, so I decided to make a tutorial level.

    showing the tutorial as sign is a good idea,

    it will make it less restrictive while still informative.

    thanks for the suggestion! :)

  • Nice work Mochaking.

    I didn't have time to play through much but what I saw was pretty cool. Love the art.

  • mochakingup,

    No problem, happy to try and help. I look forward to seeing the finished game :)

  • mochakingup

    hi; I got past the tutorial and a little further along..

    can i say that the tutorial worked well for me as I'm not used to controls and keys to use.. and the tutorial was also enjoyable..

  • Thanks! GenkiGenga


    Good to hear that the tutorial works for you,

    don't worry, the tutorial isn't going anywhere, I'm just looking for a way to improve it

  • I literally spent that whole 5 minutes moonwalking the mech..

    Integral part of life passion What are you waiting, hurry

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