Gearup - mech shooter platformer

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  • Fantastic Graphics, meet very well the proposed purpose.

  • I like it a lot, it's very well-polished. You might be able to add a couple of animations, like when picking up a coin, or something.

    My biggest suggestion would be in the balance of the upgrades and their accessibility.

    For instance, in order to be able to advance in the fastest, most effective way, the dominating strategy appears to be to just hold out until you can afford the best of each category of upgrade.

    I don't find that kind of grind to be very enjoyable, so when the dominating strategy is obvious and not too enjoyable, then an alternate design might be worthwhile.

    Perhaps you could stage the upgrades a bit. Force the player to try out other items they may not have considered otherwise.

    Just some ideas.

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  • I enjoyed it! I'm really impressed--it's one of the better-looking C2 games, I think. A few things I noted. I think the problem with the tutorial is its too long and not really all that interesting in each segment. Integrating it into the first level somehow seems like a more elegant solution, I guess.

    The rocks that you jump on are sometimes unclear about what you can and can't step on. Sometimes I expected to land on something and passed through, other times the opposite. Maybe I suck, but the red guys really were a challenger once they started spitting. I know its a mech, but it may feel better slightly increasing the bullet speed (or size) and letting you decelerate just a tad quicker. It would make things feel tighter without losing much essence to what you have, I think.

    Fantastic work so far, I look forward to seeing it further along!

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