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  • Zumbies Apocalipse

    My friends I am sharing with you my games developed in Construct 2 so you know them.

    destroy the infected zombies before it invades your kingdom, win the game before time runs out, when time runs out you will get reinforcements and win the game

    You get rewards by destroying each zombies.

    this game also works on mobile let's play

    Battle Tanks ll

    Battle Tanks ll is an Action, Strategy, Languages Portuguese and English game.


    Each level has different objectives to destroy amount of Tanks and destroy the Master Tank other objectives may arise as the game develops. Do not let the enemy destroy your Base if it destroys you lose the game. let's play

    Ramón Valdés[Fan Game]

    Good as my favorite Chaves character is Seu Madruga he will be the main character but as the story progresses you can play with other characters in the series.

    Street fight and action game,

    The story goes that while the villagers lived their lives normally, a group of Mexican gangs decided to take peace from the villagers, so Seu Madruga decided to take action and with the help of the villagers, the mission is to expel this gang to May the village be safe again. let's play


    Hey guys Beauty today came to share with you another Fan Game.

    Mega Man VS Super Mario a Legend [DEMO]

    Play the famous Mega Man in the world of Super Mario facing various enemies and different Objectives.


    Move, Jump use the arrow keys to move or the W, A, D keys

    Special Key C, Contains 3 different Specials

    Run or fly high, Quickly press back or forward arrow or A, D

    Z key attack

    Keep pressing Z key for super attack

    Pause game Enter key

    The game has support for GamePad, you can play with PS2USB, Will, Xbox etc ...

    Full Screen Q, E Keys

    the project is under development for now contains 2 different Levels 1 Level with Objective and the other against Boss.

    Let's Play

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  • Nice, good luck with them :)

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  • Nice, good luck with them :)

    Thank you.

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