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  • Galactix is a free highscore space game for everyone. If you like challenging games this one is perfect for you!


    Tap left to dodge left

    Tap right to dodge right

    Avoid incoming asteroids

    * This is the first version of the game, it does not include sound effects. If you like the game support us by giving good reviews and sharing it so that we could add more amazing features like high quality sound effects in future versions!

    Download it for free here:

    Have fun!

  • I like your game. It is a lot of fun. One thing I noticed that you maybe would want to change is when the space ship comes into view it is always blue, then it changes color. Maybe it should change color when it appears. That's just a suggestion, and it isn't important, its just me being nitpicky. But overall, I like your game. It is entertaining, and that is all I think a game needs to be.

  • Thanks for the suggestion, actually I will fix that in next version!

    If you like the game, please review it with 5 stars. I will really appreciate your support. Thanks!

  • Nice!

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  • Thanks! Glad you liked it!

  • I got 75.

  • Nice score!

    I started a IndieGogo campaign for funding this game and add more amazing features, graphics and high quality sound effects. Also I want to release a IOS version. For all that to happen I want to hire a team.

    Here is the link to the campaign:

    I would really appreciate your support!

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