First steps into Construct (towerdefense-ish)

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  • Hey guys,

    So i used to make websites and (flash)games after my multimedia studies,

    but i got kinda fed up with beeing behind a computer all day ('developing' & gaming) so i switched jobs etc.

    Here we are 6 years later, I just found out about C2 a week ago and so far it got me hooked :) (my gf doesn't like it)

    After playing a bit with the application i decided to make a first decent game and so far this is what i got:

    Its a towerdefense-ish game, the name and sprites are placeholders untill i find a good name & spriter (i cannot draw :s)


    Mouse = aim

    Click to shoot, autoshoot mode available

    hold space to aim your AOE, release space to place it (25 mana)

    That's it so far, there's 3 levels available, 4th is still empty

    U might see some misplaced sprites or (debug)text.

    Comments and tips are welcome

    edit: A friend told me the game is really hard, i was the only one testing it so far and i'm used to player shooters, so this might be easier for me then for others

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  • I thought it was hard too. I've managed to go to lvl 3 (and i think i've finished it) with some ease, but the enemies have too many health points =X

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