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  • in these 2 days i have made a game for arabic contest (gamezanga) , the subject was about "freedom" so i have made this simple game about it ...

    Your First Step

    i hope you like it.

    -about controls just use arrows.

    -about arabic words ill work on them to translate and find similar things on english because some of these sentences are not mine also i don't know who wrote it ^^

    -about framerates :

    google chrome as always is the best 60 frames.

    firefox ( the browser i hate ) has 49-51 frames.

    internet explorer ( i don't know who is still using it) 5-10 frames.

    so use google chrome to get the best result.

    -about ideas not all of them are mine.

    -you can suggestion for some ideas while i'm working on it...this isn't my 2nd game its a contest game but as i uploaded here so its my 2nd game ill work as best as i can.

    -about graphics i use large pixel scaled into small one , also if you want me to change anything on graphics ill be happy to know ^^

    last thing enjoy and have fun <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    thanks for reading ^^

    by salem

  • added death counter to make the game more challenging.

  • The graphics are great, it gives that darknight-pixel-withstars feeling, and I really love it. Also, I love the font you use for the arabic text (however if you want the players to read them, you'll get disappointed very soon, cause most players only comfortable with english, well, not on the arabic contest of course).

    You mentioned in the first post that if anyone finds the game too hard, just train more. Imho this is not the best thing you can say to your players, because the users won't spend 15 minutes trying countlessly to pass a drop falls or a spike. I tried about 37 times to pass the long spike with the small holes, and gave up. This game IS hard :)

    The sounds are a good start, but you should work on them to make them more pleasant.

    It's a great start, I'd love to play your completed game in the future (even if it will be as hard as now).

  • glerikud , about the language soon ill add it as fast as i can.

    about hardness i know i wrote the wrong sentence ^^ (ill delete it). before i read your post i have managed that some people doesn't like arrows and they like WASD so i decided to make the game easier but it will add some deaths to them :). i hope you finished the game ^^

    about sounds it seems it need more events and i can't handle them until i get paid version but ill try my best.( but i'm not going to use music until i found something fit the game )

    hope you enjoy playing it ^^

  • Looking forward to it :)

    I belive you've already seen, but in about 2 weeks, the price of C2 will rise. Try to buy it before that. <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • glerikud , as i was busy on the contest i didn't notice that o.o but i saw it , for me i'm waiting the visa card it really slow to get visa cards on my country i have asked for it about 4-6days ago and it will comes in next 8days hope i get it before 100 release also if i get it late its ok ill buy it , this engine is worth every penny on it i really liked it!!

  • First Construct 2 game I've played that actually kept me playing to the end. Amazing game design. Congrats.

  • The second sets of spikes are super hard to pass

  • Yeah, dig the presentation and most of the mechanics. But i too was stuck at a specific spot for what seemed like hundreds of times trying to figure out a pattern, but sometimes there wasn't. Give the player little bits of platforms to land on? Ok, cool. Throw acid rain on the player to get them on their toes so people aren't just jumping willy-nilly. Except...

    Except the fact that there ISN'T a pattern to the acid rain makes it not a question of timing and dexterity but patience and luck. I think the balance of those things are off here because there wasn't much I could do to stop, learn, improve my understanding or my skills and move on now armed with that knowledge. Just felt like waiting for a well timed move was just as valid a tactic as hurtling forward hoping you get lucky. Didn't findt that part fun. Maybe some of the writing on the wall put it into context but as a skill game I got frustrated way earlier than I should have, IMO.

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  • first of all thanks for all comments.

    jogosgratispro , TPorter64 , i knew that the rain (not acid) is hard thats why i'm working on a way to fix that while it has the same idea.

    i think if i make the game in english you will understand why you are dying alot .

  • All ,

    about language :

    this is some of pictures of english game should i complete it as this style?? or i should make a similar style of the arabic that i use.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    <img src="" border="0" />

    (i couldn't find a font that looks like my arabic one but ill make sprites for english)

    about hardness : i have fixed it all with some ideas i think no one will complain ^^ but ill do some stuffs for the people who use hard modes :) i just want to know what should i do with the language and ill release the new update

  • Can you keep the arabic but put the english translation below in Parenthesis, and much smaller? That way it keeps the Arabic text which looks cool, but we also know what it says.

  • ok the update is almost complete , just waiting my game name to change as i wrote a wrong name while i fixed some stuffs and ill upload it ^^

  • Cool, looking forward to try it again. And I'd vote for original Arabic text with english translations however you see fit.

  • new update is up now on the arcade you can check it out about :

    hardness : glerikud , jogosgratispro , TPorter64 i have fixed the hardness with some stuffs try the game to check it ^^ you can tell me if the game still hard for you

    language : ArcadEd , TPorter64 , i have added the english with the arabic if you feel it good or not just tell me ill try to fix anything that you guys doesn't like it.

    sounds : glerikud or All if you have some sounds that you think it will make the game better you can tell me where to find them because i really couldn't find good sounds on all the sounds thier are natural or something doesn't fit the game.

    in the near future im thinking to add some stuffs for the people who has low death count so they can complete the game until they couldn't reach the goal of death :)

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