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  • It's much better with the help (the umbrella and jetpack). I still could not play it to the end, but it's because I have to go soon to the city :)

    For the sounds: I could not hear any sounds. Not sure that it's not my pc's fault..

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  • zsangerous it's much better now.

    The game should be hard but something that everyone can achieve the end after play for a number of plays.

    I like it!

  • Played it and beat it! Good challenge, ramped up nicer. its ok to frustrate the player as long as you show them there is a way of doing it if they try harder.

    The umbrella and the jetpack are super cute additions. At first the jetpack was a bit overkill (made the spikes TOo easy) but other obstacles you couldn't rely on it as much so it kinda evened out. May want to consider having a finite thrust instead of a?

    i like the fact that you can either pick the umbrella or the jetpack so you can either focus on dodging the rain or on missing the spikes. But I did notice you can jump with the jetpack turned on and quickly switch to theumbrella and you would float down with the speed of the jetpack but the protection of the umbrella. But again, these new things really only helped the first few obstacles, once you got to the teleportals it was all on memory, and then a final fling with frustration with the lasers at the end but even that was overcome with enough patience.

    Good job!

  • ok , i have update the game and fixed the bug ... hope everyone like it ^^

    if you have any ideas to put it on the game ill be happy to add them ^^

  • Very challenging. The umbrella and jetpack help a lot. The first time I couldn't get past the first rain. As TPorter said, the jetpack makes the first sets of spikes too easy though. The english text is a bit small/hard to read, especially the red text.

    I still haven't finished it - I got to the portals. Are you going to add webstorage saving?

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  • ramones , about spikes i want that to be too easy ^^ . and about the english ill work on it again and i hope it will be better , and for webstorage i'm learning it now that why i still didn't add it but it will be in as soon as i know how to put it :) thanks for all things and if you have any ideas,report just say ill be happy to hear them :)

  • Hey good job! I really enjoy playin'it!

  • Nice game and nice visuals ;]

  • ramones , i have fixed the english size , i hope you like it .. about webstorage i don't think i will put it because on the start of layout the camera moves from the intro to the player so it will goes crazy if i made a webstorage on the same layout thats why in the future i'm thinking to make the webstorage on the other levels.

    All , i have tried the game on chrome and it works perfect and on IE also work good but on firefox it has really low fps so can you try it on firefox and check the fps and see if the problem from my laptop or the browser ^^

  • Yeah that looks better. I use Firefox and it's 20-30 fps at the start (maybe things still loading?) but then it improves to 60 fps.

  • new release :

    added (WASD) to move with them so people can use any keys arrows or WASD , thanks to AkiraWong for the idea.

    **if there any problem on the keys tell me ill try to fix them ^^

    ramones , about the firefox i have tried it many times but it still get 20-30fps then it reach 50-60 then it get down to 30 when i move or do any action.. i think firefox isn't that good as i thought.

  • Hey! Awesome game! I really liked it.

    I was wondering if you could explain how you did the instruction letters coming and going as you walk to the right. I'd like to do something similar in a game I'm working on. Thank you!

  • de5gravity , hmm i'm using lerp expressions and a camera object so in the beginning the camera will be in middle of screen and when the intro finish it will go to player and stick in it so it will keep moving on player ^^ but remember there are some limits on this way : for example when you die the camera moves from your dead place to your respawn place also you can't set one axis like Y axis only it will fail when you die and get some weird stuffs... also on webstorage you can't put it because if you put it then the camera will be on intro then it will move really quick to player spot and it will looks weird so this idea is good in just the first layout as i saw then make it normal with scroll to behavior (this what i'm thinking to do in future)

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