Our first Android game!

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  • Hi Guys I wanted to share with all of you our first Android Game. This is what you all help me do!! hahaha I hope you feel rewarded! :-P


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  • I love the artstyle! How did you build it? (PhoneGap/cocoon/appmobi?)

  • we worked with cocoonJs, it proved to be the easiest to use and the best performance.

  • Thanks for the artstyle comment! I tried to give it a funny cartoon looking.

  • Unfortunately it freezes and restarts my Alcatel OT995 after the loading screen. :(

  • Like the others mobile construct 2 games, lots of lags and then, after several touch actions, it freezes my Galaxy S (but the music continues). Each time.

    I have to remove the battery to restart the phone. I don't know why cocoonJS exported games do that on my phone. It works fine with their demos. :( :( :(

    Anyway, nice graphics. :)

  • Hi KaMiZoTo,

    May be We can help you. Send us your demos and we will try to find what�s wrong. Thanks!

  • Hey Ludei,

    Actually, I was talking about YOUR demos! :D

    (No lag, no freeze)

    My issues seems to appear only on construct 2 games converted via cocoonJS.

  • hmm.. wanted to try it. but looks like my device is incompatible.

    What is the controls type? multi touch?

  • yeyyy lots of bugs!

    Well yeah, I tested in a few devices, Galaxy S, SII, Motorola Defy + and Motorola Atrix, and on those worked fine. But I experienced that multi touch lag and freeze. Although the game is quite simple it asks a lot of hardware and even in big phones like SIII sometimes when you kill a lot of bugs it freezes for a moment.

  • i've downloaded and played) funny))but its freezing often...in any case, congratulations!

  • Can you tell me the model of your device?. thanks.

  • i tried it today ...

    really fun to play

    i run it on a samsung galaxy tab 2

    it runs smooth ..;

  • Great!, yeah it kind of works great on 720p hd devices like galaxy tab, SII, SIII and others of the kind. The problem I had is that CocoonJS does n �t allow us to edit the manifest yet so we can�t limit the availability of the game to a certain type of devices. It all runs in Auto pilot. Also, you can�t edit the permissions that the game asks from users, forcing you to rate the game "mature". Which is kind of a problem for a casual game.

    Thanks for the comment. I�m glad you liked it!

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