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  • Hello ,

    3division can you tell me please how you made the multi-full-screen for all android devices.... im doing the same job as you (a game comiled with cocoonjs) but i have problems of scale ... (im using scal fullscreen)

  • I like the game. what a pity that I have android, but I downloaded

  • In construct you can use latter-box scale or integer scale they both work, but apparently get overwritten by CocoonJS cloud compilation system. When you set the specs of your project set it as "scale to Fill". And if you work in an average screen proportion it will automatically fit all those screens. I also put a security black bar of 50 pixels all around 800x480 construct canvas. This prevents minor pixel differences between screens.

    Best luck!

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  • Well Publishing in Android using Construct2 is the worst possible combination for publishing a game.

    I tried published and failed altogether.

    COnstruct is the best tool to design html5 games not for platforms like phones.

  • I don?t think its the worst. I think its in a process of polishing and is not quite ready yet. But they are all working on making this thing possible in a near future. I manage to publish my game but still as you all pointed out here, with a lot of lag and freezes and its all because of how construct and CocoonJS manage the html5. But as we move forward to better devices and both Scirra and Ludei work together in improving their tools we will soon have an engine ready for mobile publishing that makes the hole process of making a 2D game a lot more fun and straight forward than any other 2d engine out there.

  • I agree that C2 + CocoonJS is a good solution for Android games, especially when you consider that it's a work in progress.

    I have created an admittedly simple children's game, and it's working fine on Android -- okay, I'm lazy, I only tested on Samsung Galaxy II and III :)

    But so far, after overcoming lots of glitches, I'm definitely pleased with the results.

    This technology is evolving rapidly and I'm sure it won't be long before we are seeing complex HTML5 games created by C2 and played on Android devices.

  • NewSkool

    Try to test it on Sony Xperia and at least one Motorola like the Atrix for example, those are at the same level more or less than galaxy II or III.

    But I think you?ll find surprised when in Sony, a CocoonJS-Construct game takes 5 minutes to load.

    Pretty disappointing.

    So yeah it?s a great technology and tools evolving very fast and in a near future will be quite amazing to use.

    But today, for mi is not working. Just my honest opinion.

    But I have faith and wait for new updates as a child!.

  • 3division I am sure you are right about the different type of devices. What I did for now was to make a really simple game -- a child's puzzle type game.

    Actually I didn't have much choice. I am such a beginner that I couldn't make anything more advanced :) My skill was related to the user experience, which I hope is okay on my game.

    Since my game is not complex, it loads quickly on the Galaxy s2 and s3 and an Archos tablet -- a budget device I bought for experimenting.

    Until the technology improves I will stick to simple games. In fact, the technology will probably improve faster than I am able to develop my C2 skills :D

  • Hi 3division,

    Worked well on my HUAWEI U8950N-51 Andriod phone, Andriod ver 4.04.

    No freezing or slowdown. Well done.

  • Awesome!! thanks, we couldn?t test it on that device. good news.

  • I don?t know who is going to evolve faster, C2 is a really straight forward tool to learn. With a few months of practice you can almost build any 2d game out there.

    But I agree on the complexity. Right now is not that polished, I mean, not the engine, but the hole pipeline itself from the idea to the phone. So you have to stick to small games in order to get some results.

    I hope we have something more solid to work with by the end of this year.

  • 3division bueno juego amigo me agrada ver a gente latina subir sus juegos (y)

  • Check our recently released game!


    Thanks to C2!

  • I'm trying to create an Android Game through the CocoonJs service.

    I finished with the signing and aligning process and upload but I don't know in fact what Android OS version my game app is compatible with.

    Does anybody know how can I know this?

    I'll appreciate it a lot.


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