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    Hello again everyone! I'm posting this on behalf of EncryptedCow

    Recently EncryptedCow and I worked on a small game for a competition over at www.Fimaru.com, sadly the website seems to have been abandoned after we submitted our little game. So instead of just leaving it to clog up HDD space, we decided to upload the game to Clay.io and GameJolt then we entered it in the Ludum Dare October Challenge, to add to the few small games that we?ve worked on and get something else up and out there for people to play? While we continue with MCE. <font size="2">(</font>What Is MCE? - Click Here)

    A Little About Elemental Balance:

    The game was made around the theme given by the creator of ?FiMaRu? and the theme this time was ?Balance? hence the name? So with that said, here is a little more about the actual game and how you play it.

    You?re a god, and your goal is to balance out atoms within your universe and stop it from imploding, atoms are consistently spawning and if you don?t manage them its game over and your universe will implode. (Although there is no visual to that, besides a game over screen) You can balance these atoms out by choosing an opposing element and casting with your god like powers to eliminate the atoms that your ?spell?? comes into touch with. You have the ability to slow down time and this gives you a chances to alter spawn rates of the atoms! ? The game will continue until you lose, so get going and rack up a nice high score!!

    Sadly there are no high score leader boards, but we have added 10 achievements using Clay.io (this version is not yet uploaded, but will be sometime soon!)

    Clay.io Link:


    GameJolt Link:


    Ludum Dare, October Challenge Link:


    The goal of the LD challenge is to earn at least $1 from your entry... By playing our little game here you will be helping towards that through the ad impressions, so we would appreciate you playing this free game :P and also giving us some feedback could help improve it... We're looking to get back to MCE as soon as possible and will likely post loads of exciting updates for that in the near future.

    Finally, some screen shots of the game :P





    <center>Our Previous FiMaRu Entry:

    Before this, we worked on another small game for the same competition, but sadly we were unable to finish it, however, it?s very playable. The theme was 2 Player. You can also check this game out, here is a link?


    Let us know what you think? (the art will be updated sometime)   

    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/bBe5nfX.jpg" border="0"></center>


    What is Clay.io?


    What is Ludum Dare, October Challenge?


    What Is Game Jolt?


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  • Elemental Balance is now (for the most part) available on Clay.io! With it comes 10 achievements and a much prettier site (imho). You can play it here.

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