Duff Miver - My 1st C2 project published on Google Play

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    Keep little Duff Miver alive for as long as possible as you dive down deep and navigate your way through the tricky ocean.

    Game Features:

    • One touch controls: Tap to to make little Duff swim up but don't let him fall to the sea bed
    • Simple to play but hard to master
    • Don't hit the other creatures, little Duff Miver is a tiny little being and can't take a knock
    • Watch out for the shark attack
    • Every play is different with random generated infinite level
    • Be the best! Top the in-game leader board and challenge your friends
    • Unlock different quotes and expressions from Duff depending on your score


    Rookie - A Rookie Score 250+

    Bronze Award - Getting the hang of it! Score 500+

    Silver Award - Nice! Now dig deep and go for gold! Score 1500+

    Gold Legend Award - You are a legend! Score 4000+



    Hope you all enojy it

    Clay.io plugin got some serious issues with a cocoonJs compile even following all thier steps, including the JS scripts in the HTML before compile etc etc. Works good on some devices doesnt work at all on others. So looking forward to the CocoonJS plugin for C2 supporting Google Play Services

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