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  • Hello fellow Construct 2 devs! I discovered this program a couple days ago, and decided to give it a shot. One of my dreams for a while now has been to create a nice bullet hell game, and I saw that opportunity in Construct.

    After messing around and learning the program, I made this. It took four days total (not sure how many hours, but probably a lot).

    You can find a gameplay video

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    , with a link to play it in the video description.

  • Look great, the effect of the game is awesome, special is bullet. Well done, bro ! Why don't you upload it to arcade, or post the playable link in here ?

  • Thanks! I can't upload it to the arcade because it uses a custom plugin, which apparently aren't allowed on the arcade.

    Here's the direct playable link:


  • Wow that's really good for 4 days of work. Good job!

  • Thanks boolean!

  • Nicely done, the optics remind a bit of the new Dodonpachi Maximum mobile that's going round the appstores right now.

    It would surely be great if you continue and build a full game out of this.

  • Wow, DoDonpachi looks great. Thanks for showing that, I'll have to pick it up. Also, I do plan on creating a full game similar to this, but I'll need to get the full version first. I may pick it up for Christmas.

  • darkpivot,

    very impressive, not only the four days, but for your first game/prototype in c2.

    well done...please continue with it sir.

  • Thank you harrio. I probably won't be continuing this, as it's used all 100 events. I plan on buying the full version soon, and I'll be making a new game of a similar style, but longer and more fleshed out.

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  • nice, howd you get the bullets to fan out ?

  • Here's what I did, railslave:

    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/glpCr.png" border="0" />

    It didn't work exactly how I wanted it to, but I thought it was still cool how it worked out, so I decided to keep it.

  • ive found a pretty cool effect , create 3 bullets microseconds apart and make them different speeds (asending 50,70,90 for instance) .Then as the later bullets overtake the earlier ones gives a cool whip effect :) my latest little trick.

  • That's pretty cool, nice!


    OHOHOHH. I just beat my own high score on this, finally. See the "developer's high score"? I've been trying to beat that again ever since I got it right before I released the game. I now got 1243.

    Has anyone beaten it yet?

  • That's a great game Darkpivot! I really like it! How did you get the bullet patterns to function? Were they part of the plugin you spoke of before, or were they all manually made in the same way as the screenshot above?

  • Epic!

    I fail and give up anytime I can't figure out how to change the bullet direction to up ;( it's quite annoying.

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