D&D Battlemat Project

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  • <img src="http://www.devtest.selfip.com/tmp/battlemat_update.jpg" border="0">

    Please don't spam this demo link its being run on my private server and the bandwidth isn't that great where i am living.

    This is a project I'm working on right now. It's a virtual D&D playing table. The first version will be same machine play only, hopefully the final version will be multiplayer over the internet.. but let me get this one done first.

    There are instructions you can view by clicking the little "?" at the bottom of the project.

    There is limited content in right now as I am getting the base of the project complete. I am still planning the Initiative system but other than that everything else in in and working.

    I know the Graphics are "borrowed" from my D&D games and books I have for 4th ed D&D but I'm not an illustrator and will be worrying about the graphics for the tiles and characters after teh concept is done.. so please no getting upset that the graphics aren't original.

    You can try it here...

    D&D BattleMat by MWMDragon

    If the link is down, I'm sorry I must be working on the next update.

  • Have you tried Dropbox? Their bandwidth limit per day is 20 GB, with a free account.

    The screenshot looks interesting, the web page takes too long to load.

  • I tried to put it on Dropbox but it just let people download the index file.. I had it in the public folder but I must have done something wrong.

    I read the forum post on how to do it but it didn't seem to work. I'll take a look at it again tomorrow and update the post if I figure it out ;)

  • Great potential!

  • Update Image

    <img src="http://www.devtest.selfip.com/tmp/battlemat_update.jpg" border="0" />

    A lot of changes have been done

    • Health bars
    • Status Effects
    • Full Initiative System
    • a billion other little changes

    Almost ready for some on the screen Virtual table Top gaming!

  • I am also looking for some 2D artists to make custom tiles and token sets so this can be released on an app store or two in the future.. but if I can't find someone I'll just do it myself.

    I'd like to release one for each tileset.. Forest, Dungeon, City, Cave etc.. that way the download doesn't get out of hand.

  • That is looking very nice. Have you got a playeable version set up for us to try?

  • BattleMat Test Version Link

    But I warn you it might load slowly as it's a private test server I run from home.

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  • Now I'm just working on more content and completing the Information Book page.. as well as getting the Help up and working to help people learn how to use it...and probably a bunch more polishing edits and it might be ready for release ;)

  • If anyone is interested.. I Have tried a bunch of free hosting options for this project and the best one out of the 12 I tried was this one...


    Not this isn't an ad, it's to help people like myself with limited bandwidth and large projects to be able to share the progress since Dropbox no longer works with C2 projects.


  • Huge Update

    • Improved Overview Mode (Mouse Scroll Out)
    • Added multiple pages of dungeon Props (more on the way)
    • Added over 20 new monsters (many Many more on their way)
    • Speed and Size improvements

    PS.. use Chrome as it displays it better ;)

  • Firstly for others - link to THE AWESOME BATTLEMAT

    Secondly: Wow, the updates are fantastic. The server is running perfectly, and I can see speed improvements in the actual game too.

    Love the tweaks on the graphics and new everything.

    The getting started box is especially a nice touch.

    I have a question, not serious, just a matter of curiosity - the chat window how did you do that?

    The appended text goes to top bit (very cool).

    My Quick go at it - Yours is probably better.

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  • Hello mwmdragon ,

    You've got a good game you are working on..

    And i hope you find a good artist ..

    But since your hosting doesn't have a good bandwidth ..

    I'll explain to you how to upload your game to GoogleDrive (Since i am having problems with DropBox)

    Here's what you have to do:

    1. Go to Google Drive's website.

    2. Log in with your google account (Or Sign up if you don't have one)

    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/tDLU55y.png" border="0">

    3. Upload the exported game's file to your drive.

    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/vxbbdbY.png" border="0">

    4. After it's done, you should check the box next to it and select "Share" button.

    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/ZfZTFWq.png" border="0">

    5. Change it's publicity.

    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/KyKiQnw.png" border="0">

    6. Make it Public on the web and press save.

    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/3fqLpeA.png" border="0">

    7. Copy the link to share and paste it in a normal text file.

    <img src="http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/4291/cpgh.png" border="0">

    8. Copy the marked id above (Between "id=" and "&usp")

    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/2w0z6zr.png" border="0">

    9. Paste instead of the marked "ID" word. (https://googledrive.com/host/ID/index.html)

    10. Ta da! You have your game hosted on Google Drive.

  • Great work however I find myself wanting to click and drag to scroll across the map then realise its mouse border movement :P


    Thanks! I'll post how I did the chat window when I get a chance.


    I'm not to worried about finding an artist as the project, once finished, will speak for itself.. even if I need to purchase royaly free images.. Photoship bows to me if I really need it to ;)

    I'll try to get it going on Google drive when I get a few minutes, thanks for the help. (You should make that an actual tutorial for the tut section)


    I originaly had it as a click and drag scroll system and switched it to be an edge based scroll system. The good thing is that it's all variable based to i can just add another check box and the players can choose how they want to play. Thanks for letting me know what you would like to see, it helps a lot.


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