D&D Battlemat Project

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  • On that note.. there is a new version up! (please clear your Chrome cache and data)

    Now Hosted on elf-games!

    • Next I'll be working on making the initiative system more visual and responsive
    • Then to add more Props and Map Chunks


  • Hey bud, I'd be happy to host it for you if you want. I can give you a private login to my hostgator account.

    Let me know. I figure we have known each long enough, I can trust ya ;)

  • I would love that.. yeah you can still trust an old arcade art lover from olden day :) I absolutely love that we ended up working in C2 so many years later.

    Just let me know what info you need to get me set up.. you can subdomain me with "mwmdragon.yourdomain.com" if ya like

    PS. The last update for tonight has gone live..

    Try the Battlemat

    • Choose the scrolling type you want.. edge based or click to scroll.
    • More responsive and visual Initiative system

    -- Next up.. more map chunks and dungeon props.


  • I sent you a PM with the info.

    Also, you can add me on skype if you use it. ArcadEd

  • Looking good!

    Just a tip on getting Chrome to load new versions, I add "?b=2345" to the end of the url, and chrome assumes it's a new address.

    just make a different number each time. (or you could add it to your links, stick the version number in it.)



  • mwmdragon


    Thanks! I'll post how I did the chat window when I get a chance.

    That will be fantastic.

    I've been playing around a bit more... buildt in scrollor because styling text box scroller isn't easily doable in C2.


    <img src="https://photos-4.dropbox.com/t/0/AAAJuGhoekGGjwDicd57If-NJJl3WlkNGGI95LZwepjbWg/12/194000953/jpeg/1024x768/3/1382792400/0/2/newest%20entry%20first.JPG/tJHxs1bCsO-0Le5NGY3p0z3isUoUywH8FlU__8KUbS0" border="0" />


  • ArcadeEd

    You got it man, I'll get everything setup! Thanks for the space it'll come in handy with all the C2 stuff I'll be doing :)


    Thanks for the tip of changing the URl to force the browser to load a new version of the page.. i used to use that trick when I was writing games in PHP.. yet somehow forgot all about it LOL


    You are over thinking it.. Mine is just a Textbox with a "transparent" background color and some CSS applied to it.

    When I add text I do it like this..

  • Oh, com'on - Lol - are you kidding me (I slaps hand through own face) lol.

    I can't believe I missed that. Was thinking something totally different.

    Thank you so much, "Learnt a very valuable lesson" Thank you so much.

  • Thanks to my old friend ArcadeEd,

    Battlemat and my other C2 projects will be hosted on Elf-Games!

    Thanks ArcadeEd!!


  • <img src="http://mwmdragon.elf-games.com/ss/battlemat_ss_10-29-2013.jpg" border="0">

    A few updates but mainly I just need a bit of testing of some new map chunks added.

    If you areup to see if some images show up in game then please load the battlemap from the link below and go to the 4th Dungeon Props page and place some of the larger props.. that I call chunks. if they load and view properly than that's great! It's just that they are over the image size allowed by some OSs and I'd like to know if I should break em into small er chunks (Which would suck lol).



  • Damn! you got some skills with photoshop - I presume that is what you are using. The 'chunks' are fantastic. No problem on my side. This obviously isn't for small devices. Strictly desktop/html right.

    They are big over 2mb, but once downloaded it shouldn't be a problem.

    The only problem is memory 10 images on screen could bring a pc to a crawl depending on pc specs.

    and of course

    Download time takes awhile depending on line speed.

    I've created a family photo album type thing had similar image sizes and it even worked on my moms blackberry - lol (of course I could only show 1 photo at a time, but so it shouldn't be a problem.)

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  • I don't actually create these dungeon tiles they where released by the makers of Dungeons & Dragons.. I've bought them (Multiple packs fo them) to use with friends, so I just scan them and add them in. In the final products I'll have done my own graphics or hired someone to do basic tiles.

    Yeah, this is for Computer only.. Devices are not my target with this project.

    In the end I might just add a bunch more little tiles for dungeon building rather then complete maps like this.. I just wanted to test it out.

  • Another Update..

    • Map chunk system removed for compatibility issues
    • More Dungeon Props (More coming)
    • Updated Help system

    Almost ready for a Version 1.0 release.


  • This looks just amazing, but i have one small question:

    have you considered making a custom loading screen for this game of yours?

    Like a splash screen while it loads...

    Here's how to, in case you're interested: LINK


    *sigh* You really need a decent pc to run this - my old netbook slowed down to a crawl. Some serious HD graphics you got there, i have to say.

  • A loading screen is something I would think of last with a project of this size.. too many projects consist of a fancy loading screen.. some concept art and no actual substance.. I like to get the meat and potatoes done first and add the dessert after ;) But thanks for the link, I'll use it when the project is done earning a loading screen lol

    This project is not designed for old laptops. I have designed way to many projects thinking of supporting everyone using a 640x480 screen on internet explorer 3 for way to long.

    Certainly not going to develop for an old laptop like the DELL D510 that you say you are using.. that's just asking too much lol

    This isn't about the widest audience, this is about making something I would use and not skimping on what I want. I know that sounds selfish but this project is for me ;)

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