The Convergence - A mini-game for my anniversary

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The concept is running and jump to avoid the obstacle on the road until you can catch your lovely lady.
  • Great game, nice gameplay and graphic, good job.

  • Fantastic game! Fun, and with well thought out levels. Love the twist where we follow the lady's point of view towards the end.

    Can't wait to see what else you come up with!<img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Really cute idea, and really well done. Great job :) all the best and congrats!

  • Nice game, innovative design, hope your wife liked as much as we did :)

  • Yeah, I'll have to join the crowd, this is an incredible game, great design and execution!

    Funny though, I read that bit on hackernews about the guy who said the game had a bug because you control the male, etc. It's amazing that someone would say it's a bug when it's actually part of the game design.



  • I have to give you kudos, being female, I can say that is the most romantic thing a game nerd could do for a significant other. Well done!

  • Thanks for the replies guys!

    It's nice to see everybody enjoyed it!

    I want to turn it into a full game now. It'll take a while, but I guess the game has potential. But to do that I guess I'll have to wait for Ashley to implement the dynamic "Go to Layout"... *forces wink in slow motion*

    Another reports:

    • Page views are dropping right now, but to this date there's been 18,400 visits to the website. YAY! That number is way higher than I expected - I thought I was gonna get 200, 300 views :P
    • 2 friends reported unexpected bugs, both of them were playing on a outdated version Firefox 3.6 (so I guess it's fine :P).
  • ....aaaand now I noticed The Convergence was featured in


  • I notice the characters dont have any sensitivites to touching each other, which seems dull

  • Indeed.

    I don't like how placid they look. Specially when you finish the level...

    I want to add more animations!

  • ...aaaand now I noticed The Convergence was featured in

    congrats sir,

    when the motivation is pure, the effort is rewarded.

  • Your Game is fantastic, hopefully one day I myself should be able to do something as good.

    By the way hello everyone, this is my first post and hopefully this much here haha.

  • Wow, brilliant concept and nice graphics, it's just missing sounds and

    nice retro music :D

    keep it up <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Very good job gammabeam,congrats!!!!

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  • The Convergence definately has wide appeal, its even on a german HTML5 gaming site :)

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