The Convergence - A mini-game for my anniversary

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  • Hi guys!

    I was making a game to celebrate the 10 years I've been together with my (now) wife. <img src="smileys/smiley27.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    So I've made her a game. It's called The Convergence

    Chrome Store link here:

    So far I noticed that:

    • the game runs slowly on Google Chrome (using a mac - Ashley told me it was running fine on his system)
    • a friend grabbed a bug where flipping the character would make him enter the platform (using Firefox, on the other browsers it was ok).

    Please tell me if you think the first level was frustrating. I wanted to keep things less obvious, but maybe I need to make it more obvious...

    Thanks in advance!

    I hope I can improve it over time - there's lots of room for it! <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • Fantastic job, man. Really well done. I hope she enjoyed it because it's such a creative idea. I hope I can come up with something that creative for my 10th anniversary.

    Major kudos!

  • Ahah awesome, I really love the sprites, the gameplay was really cool too!

    Yeah the first level was frustrating, but then you walk trough the end of the level and you understand and you smile.

    Not slow on Chrome + Win7.

    No bugs (actually).

    Good job!

  • Thanks guys!

    Glad you liked it!

    wilfryed - That was my intention, but I've seen some folks playing, and they were like "NOW WHAT?", looking at me - But I guess if I wasn't around, they'd just keep playing or smashing through every key until they found something! :P

    I just published it on the Chrome Store!

    Go there and download it! If you can find it... hahahaha

  • Soooooooooooo cool. I really like this one!!!

  • Really very easy to get into, and only slightly frustrating.

    Not being particularly romantic, I thought the ending a bit over the top, but considering the target audience - your missus - then I'll let it pass :)

  • The greatest challenge in this game was hiding it from my wife - which is quite difficult when you live in a 2-room apartment! <img src="smileys/smiley26.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Anyway, there's still a ton of work to do! Now it will be easier because she's seen it!

    I want to put a Scirra logo, add sounds, and more levels that are less annoying :P

    Oh and I forgot to ask ya:

    Help me spread it! I set up a special google analytics account on it so she can track how far and how many people has seen it! Please make this as huge as possible! \o/

    Thanks everyone, I'm in a great mood today!

    If we had a +rep system i'd give you all a thousand more! hahahaha

    Really very easy to get into, and only slightly frustrating.

    Not being particularly romantic, I thought the ending a bit over the top, but considering the target audience - your missus - then I'll let it pass :)

    If you found it over the top you should see my previous version with particles! LOL

  • I love the ending!

  • Congratulations, Gammabeam--very sweet :)

  • What an inspiring piece of work! You have inspired me to write a game for my wife (who I also have been with for 10 years and was recently married).

    Good job, gammabeam!

  • I don't know if you saw, but it made it onto HackerNews:

    Excellent reviews :D Well done. This HN post will get your game A LOT of plays.

  • excellent game sir...might save some marriages on the rocks, by reminding them what it 'takes' to make it to the end.

  • Very nicely done gammabeam. So doing thoughtful sweet things like this is how to get a girl to stay with you? Hmm, I always seem to go about things the wrong way.

    Anyway, Happy Anniversary! I hope you, and your wife have many more wonderful years together. That means more great games like this. <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Wow! So that's where the pageviews are coming!

    I friend of a friend told me he posted it over there.

    I'm getting lots of pageviews, mostly from over there!

    Just passed the 7,5k views, really awesome for 6 hours of publishing!

    That's SO AWESOME!

    Gonna read all of this tomorrow, I'm waiting for dinner to be ready! :D

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  • Nice game gammabeam.

    Love the graphics & the idea behind it.


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