Card War: Game of Death (v4.0)

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  • The card war has started and the game of death begins...

    'Card War: Game of Death' is a monster-card-game with an AI-Enemy.

    Rules of the game:

    Only one monster-card is drawn each turn. Every third turn a second card is drawn, which can be a Boost-, a (Total-)Death-, a Vampire or an Instant-Attack-Card.

    Left-Click on a card to play it.

    A monster-card will boost your Attack and Defense and it can attack the enemy.

    A Boost-Card will boost the AT or DEF of your active monster for one turn.

    The Instant Attack Card will let your monster attack in first turn.

    The Death Card will destroy the enemy monster, while the Total-Death card will destroy every monster on the field.

    The Vampire-Card lets you absorb 1 HP from the enemy.

    Only one monster can be active.

    Left-Click on your active monster, to let it attack.

    When your Attack-Value is higher or same as the enemys Defense-Value and you let your monster attack, the enemys HP will get damaged and his monster will be destroyed.

    A monster must be at least one turn active on the table, before it can attack.

    You can change your monster-card one time in each turn, when you don't have an active monster-card in the field.

    Play it on my site here:

    Card War: Game of Death

    Have Fun!

  • Hello there! :)

    I've updated my Card War to v2.2. Now there are new boost-cards and a second playable card every third turn, which can be a boost- or a death-card. But watch out: The AI uses this new cards, too. :)

  • Hello everyone! :)

    Now, that I've upgrade to C2 Personal, I've made an update of my Card War to v3.0.

    There is now an ingame-Tutorial, that explains how to play that game, and a new card called 'Instant Attack'.

    Have Fun! :)

  • Hey there! :)

    I've updated my game to v3.2! Finally I've added some new graphics to the monster-cards.

    Currently I'm working on a 2 player mode, so stay tuned. :D

  • Many new things came to the Card War in the newest version 3.8! New Cards, new backgrounds, new music and a variable HP-Changer, so you can change the difficulty of a match. Play it and have fun! :D

  • freezing rain,

    very nice. you may want to make the variable score changers look like buttons. so it is more obvious what they do.

    with professional graphics, this could be a very polished addition to the ios, android and windows 8 app stores for sure.

    stick with it.

    also, you could easily make this a physical game...

  • Thank you! :D

    I'm glad you liked it!

    Yea, I'm constantly working on the game, giving it updates from time to time.

    Just in this moment I've updated to v3.9 with a little bug-fix, a new background and I've changed the Total Death Card a bit, so that the player isn't able to play a monster right after playing the TD-card, cause the enemy can't do that either. The Total Death clears the entire field now.

    Have Fun and thank you for playing! :)

  • Very fun to play, keep up the good work!

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  • freezing rain,

    do you plan on finishing the card game? it is very addictive and would make an excellent mobile/tablet or physical card game.

    especially with some polish on the card art.

  • ,

    just wondering if you had planned to progress any further with your card game. i really like it, and i think you could polish and publish it.

  • harrio: Oh, damn, I've totally forgotten to look for this thread until now! I'm very sorry to keep you waiting for my answer! :/

    Well... mhm... I would really like to develop this further and of course I would be really proud to publish it to some stores... but... what do you mean exactly when you talk about polishing it? What do you want to see, what should I do? I'm not that good, when it comes to things like final presentation, graphical improvements and stuff like that, to be honest. I'd really like to see my game in some stores, but I don't know how to finally realise it.

    And a big thanks to you again! I'm really glad that you like it so much!

  • ,

    well i'm no expert, but i could definitely give you some of my thoughts on how to improve/polish it.

    i really played it a lot when you first put it on the arcade; trying to beat it and figure out the strategies of playing it well. but it also has enough depth to be fun and strategic.

    i will take the time to spell out my thoughts once i organize them.

    i would really love to see this on as many store fronts as possible, and there is no reason why it should not be possible. multiplayer would be awesome with this as well, but you would need someone else to help you with that.

  • harrio are you a fan of strategy card game, ccg, tcg? If so, you'll probably a good candidate to test my prototype (if you're willing ) once it finished and stable, which I'm projecting by the end of this year.

    freezing rain wow, I did not realize there was an attempt at non-traditional strategy card game in scirra, I thought I was the first and the only one!

  • Interesting game freezing rain looking forward to see it's finish product

    I am just a newbie in developing construct 2. I am planning to create my first game but I'm in doubt on which theme is better for beginner like me.

    It was my dream to create my own RPG game but seems development of that type of game will take a lot of time if I will consider to publish my first creation

    seeing your post it is pretty amazing that games like this is possible using construct 2. I was also a fan of battle card games

    would you able to give me some advice on how will start my development? I am not good also in terms of artistic design which I think will be necessary for drawing card object

  • jyoiru

    Form my experience, there are 2 ways to approach card game CCG/TCG in C2.

    The easier one is by using instance variable on all card instance object, this method is very useful for CCG with small mechanic and small number of effective stats. This is great if your CCG mechanic is simple and for single player. However this is very difficult to handle in multiplayer because this will require host (if logic is server side) to contain the object peer have, and handling the "display" state would be confusing and difficult to be consistent.

    The harder one is by data management through array, this method allows limitless possibility on mechanic, it can go as crazy as your imagination goes. For single player, this requires more complex event system and proven to use significantly larger number of events compared to the first method above. However, this is the better way to handle CCG in C2, because server side will handle all state in array and the advantage is the serverhost can be very simple because it's doesn't use anything visual and furthermore, you're handling much less object which is desirable.

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