Card War: Game of Death (v4.0)

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  • thank you for your advice DuckfaceNinja .

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  • Hey folks!

    I've just updated the game to v4.0!

    I've added a few new sound- & graphic-effects and two new cards!

    The new monster-card "Angry Orc" has AT 3 & DEF 2, but also comes with an Instant-Attack bonus-effect when playing, so it can attack right away.

    I plan on creating a few more monsters with additional bonuses in future versions.

    The new bonus-card "Weak Spot" subtracts 2 DEF from the enemy monster until the end of round.

    Here's the changelog:


    -new monster-card: Angry Orc (with Instant Attack Bonus)

    -new bonus-card: Weak Spot

    -new sounds for winning, losing, boosts and The Death Card

    -new graphical effects for boosts and The Death Card

    Unfortunately I had a few problems with uploading the game to the new Scirra-Arcade, so I decided to host it in my Dropbox on my own site. Hope that's okay for now.


    -added new Card-Room:

    Have Fun!

  • great to hear that you are still working on it. i will definitely try it out.

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