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  • myibmaccount, Comodo Antivirus says is a possible phishing site and has been blocked. =(

    Your blog's an excellent resource, and I kind of think it's going to benefit you even more than your players, seeing as how it serves as a loose design document and reminder to yourself of where your passion lies. A lot of us, as we mature into our careers, start wondering at the "lost years" and fearing what might be unless we reclaim our way.

  • wretchedshark, I like your parallax effect with the mountains against the sun. Something about the jumping motion feels a bit stiff, but maybe if you get the time, you could study hurdlers or parkour traceurs? The game's sort of hypnotic, in a good way, and with a bit more depth of play, I could see it being quite addictive. Good luck!

  • exile

    Man I did not know that this hosting company I was using was doing phishing... Thanks for the heads up. I am going to research and probably move somewhere else. I will update link if I can change over.

    Yeah frankly the blog is more for me to sort out what I am doing and track my efforts.


  • , there's a good chance that some of the company's clients have set up phishing sites using them, rather than them being bad actors themselves. Anyway, no more lost years, man. =)

  • It looks like the host might be doing some phishing... I have move Blue Boy to this much more reputable location out on Google Drive:

    Thanks RandomExile for letting me know.

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  • That definitely worked. My pleasure.

  • I do not see to many posts of folks samples out here... I find myself more interested in these samples than the more fully developed stuff in the arcade. You have any games or samples I could take a look at?

    BTW thanks for your feedback my friend.

  • RandomExile - thanks for the feedback! i've been meaning to update my example as i changed the jump mechanic slightly, still need animations and a better hop so it doesn't feel like the player is just floating up and down in space, perhaps that will help? <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • , I have a little "game" I'm working on, but it's basically a scratchpad for testing out C2 features. Right now I have colored discs floating around on random vectors over a sky background. You can drag and drop the discs, and that's about it. Eventually, the game will be about combining colors.

    I'll post it this evening. --and you're welcome!

  • wretchedshark, exactly! That'll make it feel a lot more natural.    I look forward to your update!

  • , here's what I'm messing with right now. The circles all have a randomly assigned vector, and then you can drag and drop them, but for the moment they just continue on their original heading once you let go.

    Circle Test

  • exile

    Cool man. A possible object might be to see how many like circles you can connect in a specific time frame (or before they make contact with walls, etc..). Perhaps by dragging - a mechanic you have already worked out...

    Anyway look forward to seeing your next step.

  • ,

    That's along the lines I was thinking. The idea's going to be to combine colors to fill in a rainbow. The game will start out with a crushing thunderstorm which is gradually driven away as the player brings out the rainbow. It's not exactly grounded in hard science. =P

    I'm thinking of a few possible mechanics, either dragging and dropping the circles together or clicking on them to send them skittering away in the opposite direction of the click. Maybe a "lens" could be used to redirect them.

  • exile

    I like that idea. The challenge would be similar to tetras, only you have to line up like colors. The challenge, I assume, is that as you progress you are given less time.    

    Good stuff. Please post updates.

  • My PLatform Test

    Gameplay Test here: I like your practice project, who are you holding?



    , Me gusta tu proyecto de pr?ctica, c?mo lo llevas?


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