Bullet-Hell ; The game !

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  • <font color="red">This post is a copy/paste from the other post from TIGsource , excuse my laziness :P</font>

    The entrance is on Gamejolt !


    Hey guys,

    My name is whiteclaws , I'm the CEO of WhiteclawsStudio and I make game using ... Erm ... Let's skip this crap and go right in the subject , shall we ?

    So I made a game for GameJolt 9th Competition , it's my first one and I'm happy to present you

    Bullet Hell ; The game ! ( Controls ; A/D/H !)

    Before starting the babble ... here's the link !

    I'm doing this with matwek , a very talented artist that lurks the TIGStreets ... A lot of you guys might know him ...

    It's a game made in pretty much one week ... It's a bullet hell ( Captain obvious was here ! ) The main mechanic is that you can grow stronger by holding the H button but your collision box grows bigger too ... You need to get that boss health to 0 ...

    There's an easy mode cheat but It's deactivated for the moment ...

    Leave me some basic feedback and tell me if the difficulty is too hard , and if you get that white bar to 0 then tell me your time ...

    Thanks for all , guys !

  • This game puts the "Hell"...in bullet hell....Its a little like watching the tumble dryer while having your thumbs screwed...and my head is tilted to one side as i type this....very difficult,,but I did persist....and do have that "just one more go" feeling..

  • Whiteclaws

    little awkward with the key positions, which didn't help the control. Although my control was bad!! very addictive yet frustrating.. did want to get that white bar to 0 - bar seemed to go fuller !!! mmm I wasn't very good was I.. very hard game,, but I did want to keep trying ..

  • Nice game, but a little easy if you find "the point" <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I didn't get it sorry. First the keys were not intuitive, I had to go back to see which keys to use.

    The flashing was very disrupting.

    The actual game play I didn't understand, basically you can't dodge between bullets and no matter how fast you move to the left you will die when the first bullet hits. No matter how much I shoot I don't see it having an effect on the enemy. I love the circular gyrus feel but at the moment I found that game to be frustrating and not in a good way. I hope that helps you to refine the game, looking forward to the next version.

  • I have my record: 1,35 at the first dead.

    czar he put the keys in his post <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    • The keys are A/D direction keys and H to fire (still button pressed to increase firepower).

    ?The enemy dies? All the time I was shooting him with max firepower and never dies.

  • Kuso, yup I was aware of that. Hence "I had to go back to see which keys to use.". No probs.

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  • Yeah, for the first couple of sections you can just kind of sit in the right place. I think the progression of the game could be improved but yeah.. when it's for a comp where you have 10 days or so to make an entire game it's a little hard to fine tune gameplay to everyones tastes!

    You should post your progress on gamejolt.

    EDIT: forgot to mention, I do like it!

  • czar , mineet ,

    The boss HP is the top bar , I'm putting a little text to display it in the other version , the point of the game ia to avoid between the bullets , and the controls were changed many times

    What do you guys suggest ?

  • Whiteclaws

    thank you for the reply

    yes think i was looking in the wrong place for the boss bar. I agree with czar that its hard to dodge the bullets, although I understand there is 'gaps', which i couldn't get through.

    I was watching where my fingers where placed as it didn't feel natural, and I kept pressing A and S instead. using the little finger didn't help...

    good game though, impressive that it was made in such a short time too.

  • mineet , what would you suggest as controls ?

  • Whiteclaws

    left/ right/ and up to fire arrows.

  • mineet , believe me , I tried this , and it was a mess

  • Whiteclaws

    although i can touch type, it doesnt feel natural to put the emphasis on the left hand and little finger. Using the index fingers is more natural. Maybe the keys H/ J for movement (right hand) and G for shoot (left hand) . But I don't know if all players would be comfortable with this.

  • Whiteclaws

    I think maybe could be good controls with the arrow keys and to fire, X or C, or Space. I think is confortable configuration.

    He he, I don?t saw the boss bar <img src="smileys/smiley9.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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