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  • Dave Hailwood,

    that is one fun game you have there sir. and i'm not just saying that because my name is up in lights...ok, maybe a little, but it's fun

    the balance is great. just when you think your kicking tail...swap with enemy...doh!

    regardless of how the newgrounds contest is've got a winner here sir. can't wait to see it completely finished and on the app stores...great tablet board game.

  • harrio

    I apologise in advance for not having devised a way to make your name twinkle magnificently in the moonlight!

    Board Horde is finally out of the Under Judgement category, though hasn't yet been bundled in with the other touch jam entries. I've found and fixed two bugs, though I'm afraid of updating it in case it goes under judgement again, or anything.

    Whatever happens, I'm very pleased with how the game's turned out. I've only been using Construct2 since Christmas, have no prior programming knowledge and this is the first game I've ever created.

    C2 is a rather marvellous piece of software!

  • I've only been using Construct2 since Christmas, have no prior programming knowledge and this is the first game I've ever created.

    C2 is a rather marvelous piece of software!

    this is something that i never tire of hearing.

    i grew up in the late 70's early 80's. so board games were my first passion, then pinball and arcade games...yes, in that

    i wasn't able to have a lot of board games, being lower middle-classed, so i would make my own, for me and my brother to play. i graduated from that to d&d, which was a whole new universe. then board games sort of 'grew up' and became even more exciting. it was great times. i wish that i could find the games i made back then, because i would recreate them all on c2. that is why your game strikes home with me. i envision an actual board game based on it, with peices and great art on the board. it's the reverse of what i wished for myself, but awesome to contemplate nonetheless.

    just think, if your game does well on phones and tablets, you could kickstart a physical version...alright, i'll calm down.

    best of luck on the newgrounds competition.

    board games will always be fun. no matter who 'rates' them otherwise.

  • harrio

    sounds like we grew up in the same era. I was born in the golden year of Star Wars (the real star wars, not that Phantom Menace sh*te). I also did a bit of the ol' D & D, though I never really graduated beyond Blood Bowl (the Warhammer books just used to baffle me, and by the time I'd set the table up everyone else had lost interest).

    If I could get Board Horde on ipad etc that'd be quite something indeed, though I may have to take the android route first as I don't own a Mac and can't afford the expense of shelling out a hundred quid a year for a developers license.

    Anyway, I shall continue to add to the game for the next few months, test out a few markets, and then get stuck into my next project (which will probably be based on one of my many past comic projects).

  • Dave Hailwood,

    just ran into this scenario, and i'm wondering how you plan to 'tackle' it. in a recent game i played on newgrounds, one of my characters drank a potion: feather. alrighty, my next trap, i'm good to go. but then i got another potion, and then a third. the icon only showed the most recent potion i acquired. so i did not know for sure if i still had all three, or if you lose one, when you land on another.

    this is my question, do immediately lose the 'power' of the potion you presently had, when you acquire another, or do the effects 'stack'? some of the potions have immediate effects once you get them, but others have triggered effects that stay with you until executed. so will you devise a stacking method or are you encouraging the player to use the potion effects as soon as possible, or else you may lose it if you encounter another?

    yes, to your internal question, i do take this stuff too seriously some

  • Dave Hailwood,

    just got this for my ipad, and it is awesome...

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  • harrio

    some jolly good questions concerning potion stacking. At the moment I have it configured so that if you get a potion whilst you have a status power in effect it cancels the effect out (that way, when you have more than one hero on the board and you're about to land on a potion, you can choose whether you want to risk losing your current status for something potentially better, or stick with what you've got).

    Once I've got special hero skills implemented I may have 'Potion Stacking' as one of the mage heroes skills (so they can be invincible, light as a feather, and still pick up any instant use potion). The special skills feature is going to take me a while to finish, as I have to come up with 9 unique skills for each hero, and they're all likely to be game changers or game breakers as is possibly the case.

    I noticed that Talisman game the second it was released, and definitely intend to get it at some point. I still have many other games to work my way through first, though (and might pick up Star Command when it comes out on Thursday)

    thanks for the input and suggestions. Appreciated, as always.

  • Dave Hailwood,

    i did not think of it that way. that is a good way of creating more 'tense' decisions about who to move...good stuff. it mainly happened to me when i was moving one primary hero, or only had one to move. sounds like you're on top of things. the 'stacking' ability would be very cool.

    and yes, i look forward to star command as well. it reminds me of a classic game i played in my one year of college, when i should have been studying, which is probably why i only have one year of

    galactic adventures...

    ah, the memories.

    looking forward to seeing the 'finished' product sir.

  • Dave Hailwood

    thanks for the link to the results.

    <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • mineet

    The link was not the actual Newgrounds Touch Jam competition winners, but something else the site does (where Newground members get to vote for their favourite games of the month). The touchjam competition is the next one that they'll be judging, so we should have the results within the next few days (they have 95 entries to sift through first).

    I'm currently working on the next Board Horde update, which I hope to finish by the end of the month. Currently the a.i.s a lot more challenging to beat (though I've managed to create many more bugs in doing so) and I've created two new boards. If I get the bugs ironed out in time, I'm hoping to do a more fancy menu screen with character and board selection woven in.

    Anyway, I'll be sure to post the link to the final results if someone else doesn't beat me to it.

  • Dave Hailwood

    thanks <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Here's a quick preview of the Menu screen redesign for the Board Horde game. I've used Kyatric's slot machine example to add a bit of fun to Hero selection (your team is now selected in a random Fruit Machine style) and added the ability to choose the board by using the nudge button.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    The a.i. works a lot better now, and is far less suicidal. I've actually lost quite a few games whilst playing against it, and it seems to manage to get at least one hero to the exit each time I play (which is better than its previous average of 0 heroes).

    There's still a few persistent bugs which I've tried to destroy many times, but they keep on coming back to annoy me. On internet explorer Heroes have a tendancy to just wander off the board and do their own thing (If I can't find a solution, I think I'll probably just add a speech bubble to the heroes that states: 'sod this for a game of soldiers. I'm off for a pint!') and on rare occassions the collisions with monsters fail to trigger and the turn doesn't end.

    Anyway, the Newground competition results should be with us soon, and then after that I'll try and push the game to a few other sites and see how well it fares.

    Stay tuned for a new playable update at the end of the month.

    • Dave
  • Dave Hailwood

    like your menu screen, looks very inviting, graphics are really well done .. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Dave Hailwood,

    lovely sir. the slot machine mechanic is a great idea. every little bit of polish adds to the overall experience of making a game fun.

  • mineet harrio

    Thanks for the encouraging words.

    The menu and assets are coming together well. I'm currently trying to make the Retro Lettering used in the game into a webfont, as at the moment its all done with individual sprites which is a bit of a wasteful way to do things. Once I've sussed that out, I'm hoping to possibly squeeze in a scoreboard which will allow for a few new victory conditions (score based and kill based) and might give me a fair shot at adding in a few random Choose Your Own Adventure style events.

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