The Blue Code - 2D Point & Click Adventure Game

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    The Blue Code

    The Demo is released!

    Take a look here to find a suitable link to download and play the game!


    It?s a small piece of land, ruled by the Mad King, it?s in-between the Blueberry Land and the Raspberry land, a piece of land that only a few have discovered, something is keeping people away from discovering Mad King?s lands.

    In this land, we have a small village, called ?Code?, that?s where the Mad King is living and also Lisa with her husband Archebald, living happily together in a small house with a warm fireplace in the middle, keeping them worm during windy nights, when not even the body heat from each other can warm each other, while drinking tea in their comfy arm chairs in front of the fire.

    The Mad King has been alive and kicking for many hundreds of years and many of these years he has been lonely. Ever since Lisa and Archebald moved in, he have been keeping a close eye on Lisa, we could say he fell in love with her. Being the Mad King, he just can?t go and tell Lisa that he loves her. Instead he creates this evil plan of making Lisa forget all about Archebald.

    <img src="" border="0">Picture of a sketch for the hallway in the Castle

    We are a team of 10 people who are helping me, Dennis HeroBiX Thisner to make a 5-10 min playable Demo as my final project. I'm currently attending Vancouver Film School and I'm doing there course Entertainment Business Management, it's all about producing and my goal in life is to become a successful game producer!

    We have 2-3months of producing anything we want to produce and I gathered a great team to make this proof of concept. When the demo is completed and we got feedback, we want to bring it to Kickstarter and when we had a Successful kickstarter, we will approach investor to get the last bit of funding we need to make the complete game.

    <img src="" border="0">

    Here we have The Mad King, Wizard and the two guards!

    Try out the game and tell us how you like it =)

    You can also follow us at:


    and on Twitter: #TheBlueCode

  • The soundtrack is up and running on our dear friend YouTube place, you should check it out:

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    it will make your stress go down! Feel the flow and eat some blueberries =)

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  • Looking forward to seeing more art :) looks good to me :D

  • We sadly don't have any art update at the moment, but here is an update regarding the game:

    • We have now 3 soundtracks out of 5 (that would complete my school score, jay!) we are aiming to get 7 done, meaning that would be around 60-70 min of soundtrack, AMAZING!
    • The builds are getting done for the Mad King, Chef and the Player, Lisa (she is kinda important after all)
    • The animation is coming along as well, we will receive first for Lisa, Player and the chef.
    • We have got a writer on the project as well, he loves games and comedy, he is doing Vancouver Film Schools Writing course.
    • Our sound designer is making more and more sound effects, can't wait to see them inside the game =)
    • We have update the market one, the color is coming together! =) soon we will implement Bambi... or... maybe not =)
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    Now we have to leave you and we will leave you with this sound track =)

  • Well I'm looking forward to the demo on Nov 11 :D

  • We are looking forward making it available for you guys =)

    Here is a background directly taken from the game, what do you guys think?

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • More update for The Blue Code at

    There is a picture of Archebald, Lisa's husband. Also the demo will be released on Nov 10.

  • Lookin' really good! Nice art. I can't wait for the demo too! <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Can't wait for the demo! Artwork looks really good, as well as the soundtrack. so far

  • syncdot robert

    Whew. Then wait is no longer.

    The Blue Code on FaceBook

    The Blue Code DEMO

    Game is BEST experiences with WebGL and Advanced Audio API. If your browser does not support these; either use Chrome or download native OS versions.



    Native Packaged

    Windows: or

    Linux: or

    OSX: or

  • So any opinions on the demo?

  • Can you help about intallation on linux? I tried but failed and it's because of my fault (:

  • Loved it! Its a great game to look at. I love good art and animation, especially unique designs. Music fits the game well. Very professional sounding.

    If your lookin for any crtiques I suppose I'd say some sound effects seem a little louder than they should be in some areas or over shadow other sounds.

    And as for a general opinion, voice work for this game would put it above the rest. Its one of the reasons I love DotT and Sam N' Max. I could see myself loving your characters even more if only I could hear them speak. :D Good stuff.

  • onur

    I would love too, but my linux still is minimal. The game was compiled using NodeWebkit. I don't think the game needs to be installed. However you might need to set the permission in Linux to be executable.

    In the mean time you can play online at


    Thank you. That's very much appreciated. We did a lot on the sound, but unfortunately we were time constrained. The room your probably referring to is the Kitchen :| I'm wanting to add some volume controls for FX, Music and the voice element. Thank. the comments were really really appreciated :)


    Actually to expand on what has been done. Much of TBC was written to be designer friendly. it's possible to put together a P&C using the core components of TBC. But along with that there was a lot of work into the details of the audio. Enough in fact that I've started putting together an C2 Audio Engine to take advantage of the Advanced Audio api. I personally found the advanced effects to be difficult to work with and manage. So i'm working on a designer friendly system. it's still int he works right now. But a small taste of the audio system is to turn up your speaks a bit more and do stuff in the various room of the castle :D.

    We included reverb, muting effects, hollow effects, and distance based audio. best off the distance audio is no more than 2 instructiosn. Drag and Drop, then name the audio file. Then we have options in the sprite to define the working :D

  • jayderyu it stucks when i play it online. I'm using chrome (ver.31.0.1650.48) and during the dialog of that flying one eyed thing game knock my cpu down. It's gettings incredibly hot in few seconds and computer freezes.

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