The Blue Code - 2D Point & Click Adventure Game

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  • onur

    Thanks for the info. that is really interesting. So I turned on the debugger for the game to see what was going on.

    While watching the system the game fluctuates between 10% to 20%(not counting basic rendering). Once the Glitch loads it spends some time to load glitch into memory. This does boost the CPU usage up to about %55. Of course these values are only on my computer other computers will vary. It is interesting though that tests on my tablet run the game. I will look into this and see what can be for that hard spot to load the glitch.

    Can I get a run down of your OS and system specs?

  • ubuntu 12.04 on ASUS X55A laptop with Intel B980 proccesor 4gb ram and intel vga. BTW this is certificated as "Ubunutu Compatible" which means Ubuntu will work (mostly :)) without problem. Just ask if you need more details. I love to help to you and an adventure game of course.

  • Do you have the details on the Intel GPU. Also driver version for your graphics chip. Also could you check to see if the game will run by way of FireFox(which I think is installed with Ubuntu).

  • I'm glad to hear all the feedback =)


    We are going to kickstart the game to see if we can make the complete one and one of the stretch goals will defiantly be to get the whole game "speaking" and not doing blueish =)

  • Looking really good! Makes me want to make my own click and point adventure

  • Looked great, and felt really nice playing.

    negative points:

    click to continue (texts) add skip, took me a bit to find out I can click it more often and was annoyed it took so long ... frustratingly clicking continue revealed skip option :)

    Some of the humor isnt really funny(to me) and was tedious to read. (look, it skipped :D)

    I have to say, there is this odd sense of out of place when that floating thing starts to explain where it was from.

    The two gaurds, seemed ugly compared to the rest of the levels artistry.

    Positive points:

    Absolutely adored the jibberish mumbling.

    Awesome use of background / depth.

    Very good game style (click, move, interact etc etc)

    Suggestion:   instead of drag drop item from back pack, left click select, then left click character to give (transparent auto drag on click left perhaps ?) drag and drop is nice, but it poofs to your backpack, no reason it cant poof to a character :)

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  • Thanks for the compliments. We really appreciate the input :) We are taking every ones comments in consideration for changes :)

    The click and drop seemed to one of the other intuitive play styles in another cold tests.

  • Aright. While no new code update has been done. I am pleased to make an announcement.

    Congrats to HeroBix a on/off forum goer here. Who producer of The Blue Code graduated from the prestigious Vancouver Film School. With that I am pleased to announce that The Blue Code won the award for "BEST FINAL PRODUCT" for the Entertainment Business Management class of Winter 2014.

    There will be updates to The Blue Code coming and will keep posted when the Kickstarter funding begins.

  • Thanks a lot everyone for the feedback =)

    I'm currently working on getting the rights from Vancouver Films School to get back to me and see what we can do with the Blue Code IP, we will keep you posted =)

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