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11 loops of RPG, chiptune/8-bit music. Suitable for any pixel art game.
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    Hi, this is a short thread to give you some updates about my game :p

    You can play the game on Newgrounds :


    Or on clay.io (the links don't seem to work properly for now) :



    A very old version is still available on Scirra's Arcade : http://www.scirra.com/arcade/action/93/8-bits-runner

    The goal is simple, run as fast as you can to finish the level and avoid deadly traps along the way.

    Here are a few screenshots :

    <center><img src="http://img90.xooimage.com/files/7/6/9/screen01-3a8808c.png" border="0">

    <img src="http://img90.xooimage.com/files/b/5/0/screen02-3a88092.png" border="0">

    <img src="http://img90.xooimage.com/files/f/6/2/screen05-3a88095.png" border="0">

    <img src="http://img92.xooimage.com/files/1/6/e/screen03-3a8809a.png" border="0"></center>


    • Left/Right Arrows : move
    • Down Arrow : Slide
    • Space/Up Arrow : Jump/Wall-Jump
    • Ctrl : Go back to last checkpoint
    • R : Restart level


    (press A to activate the Xbox360 controller mode, an icon should pop-up in the bottom-left corner of the screen, press any keyboard key to go back t keyboard mode)

    • Left Stick (left/right) : move
    • Left Stick (down) / X : Slide
    • A : Jump/Wall-Jump
    • RB : Go back to last checkpoint
    • LB : Restart level
  • Good stuff. Some of the most fun playing an HTML5 game I have ever had, and it was only the one level. Glad to see you are still working hard on it :)

  • Can't wait for this! Lots of changes have been going on in the arcade, I know I'm taking longer than I said for updating games but will get this done ASAP!

  • is there any way for us to get a sample capx file for this game so that we can get inspired what you have done


  • Well, I don't know what I will do with this game in the near future, so I can't really give you the .capx for now.

    <font size="6">- UPDATE -</font>

    • The third level is now available, I am trying to make more "vertical" levels now.
    • You can now wall-jump, just presss the arrow key toward a wall to slide against it, then press space to wall-jump.
    • There is now a new "ghost" system that display a shadow of your character where you died. So that you can see where you made a mistake, and not die again at the same place.

    You can still play the game in the Arcade section : http://www.scirra.com/arcade/games/addicting-action-games/93/8-bits-runner

  • nice game ^^ i wish you keep updating it ^^

  • This is a pretty cool game. Only things that really bug me are some parts of the stages you need to know ahead of time what's the obstacles are, making the deaths in those spots feel very cheap. It's not generally good game design to have players lose through no real fault of their own. You should allow players to have a little time to know what they're getting into, to allot them enough time to react, rather than having to know the layout by heart. The other thing that bugs me a bit is how sluggish jumping feels. That one might just be a personal preference thing though.

    Either way, I do like this a lot. It's really cool, and I look forward to more updates! Soundtrack is kickin'.

  • Very good display of what Construct 2 can do. But it's too damn hard! Can't do level 3 worth a crap! Good stuff, good music too.

  • ptbcomposer , i made it in 5mins we need more levels hehe ^^ just keep focusing there is some other ways to finish it for example you don't need to climb the wall everytime ^^ ( can't say more )

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  • Hi there, I have been working on the game a lot these last few days (the ones following me on twitter maybe have noticed an abnormal amount of tweets on my profile lol).

    The bad news is that I don't have many visual material to show you. Since a mainly worked on upcoming features, and on improving some things in the game.

    • I added alight that comes from the ground when you are walking on it :

    <img src="http://img88.xooimage.com/files/d/3/c/graphic_update_floor_light-36ee5a7.png" border="0">

    The main purpose of this effect, is to make the levels feel a little bit more "alive" and interactives.

    • I am working on a jukebox feature to get rid of the old system 1 music = 1 level. There will be a menu where you will basically be able to choose which music will be in the track list.

    For now, this feature works separately from the game. Next step is actually adding it properly to the game.

    <img src="http://img88.xooimage.com/files/c/1/f/jukebox_feature_test-36fb6c5.png" border="0">

    The text in the upper-left corner is just to help me check which track of the tracklist is currently being played.

    • I am still looking for new songs to add to the game. I would like to upload the game onto the Chrome Web Store, so I have to be legit on this side. That means getting rid of the current soundtrack (well, the authors usually tolerate the use of their creations if what you are making is free).

    I found this track that sounds really good :


    I will try to contact him to see if he can give me a licence for this track (I will probably have to spend some money, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do...)

    I also found this track from Souleye, the guy who made PPPPPP, the soundtrack of the game VVVVVV :


    What do you think ? Are they cool ? Do you have any suggestion ?

    • The wall-jump is now tweaked. You don't have to press the arrow key to slide against the wall anymore, the character slides automatically when he is against a wall. And there is now a short time after a wall-jump during which the inputs are ignored. This prevents the player to get back against the wall after jumping.

    <font size="4">So, what's next ?</font>

    Well, the next thing I have to finish is the main menu. There from there you will have access to the level selection menu, the jukebox menu, the option menu, and I am thinking about a "How to play" tutorial screen that could be accessed from the main menu.

    I will also try to get in touch with the guy who made the sprites for the game, to see if we can redo the tileset and add more details to the levels.

    Well, that is basically all I had to share with you. i hope you didn't forget about the game, and didn't think it was dead <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • hmmmm we didn't think of that but the problem is when we finish it we stop playing it i don't know why maybe because we are looking for something hard that can't be finished hehe ^^

    an idea for the future (after you finish all your stuffs , manu , options,...):

    you should put a unfinished (endless) level and it has lives and some ways to get lives with the same style of the normal levels and everyone will check their scores... of course this idea can be improve but at least start it whenever you are free ^^   thanks for the game i really hope to hear more news from you ^^

  • Really Good .. Very PowerFul Music Just like your game

    But I like more the Helois music because it's kinda faster than the second one

  • I like it, I think it has a lot of potential here are some of my suggestions:

    1) Use acceleration and give the player two speeds of travel. One of the things that frustrated me is that since there's a single velocity, in order to proceed through some parts of the level you essentially had to move pixel-perfect to how the designer wanted you too, but as we know all successful platformers never do that give the player plenty of opportunity to maneuver (Super Meat Boy or the Mario Games.)

    2) Make the slide get released the moment when the player releases the key. The way the slide works right now is a big no-no in my opinion. The most important thing in a platformer is control, so when a player is forced to slide for a certain duration, expect frustration. Ideally the slide maximum duration should be based on the player's velocity.

    3) Introduce gameplay elements more gradually. This is just a personal preference, but I like it when new gameplay elements are introduced gradually, one at time so I can quickly pick up what they're supposed to do. It's even better when they're introduced in a risk free situation. An example would be that when the first the player encounters to blue jump boosters, should be when he's running on a flat surface, with an elevated surface in front of him. The maximum distance of when a jump can be initiated to reach it should be where the jump booster is located, so the player is automatically jumped there. This does two things: 1) Instantly teach the player what it does without other stressful influences. 2) Instills the idea that the player would have to use them to progress through the level.

    Best of luck!

  • Just wanted to add - if you want some tunes custom made- I'd love to contribute something - my other hobby is making music and to do something original would be fun.

    Remix stuff


    And the music in my games - More modern (ish)


    And more oldschool style :


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