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  • Guess what ?

    <font size="4">-UPDATE-</font>

    This is a test build. I added the "new first level" along with the old ones.

    The game logs some usefull datas for me, so I just need you to test the fourth level in the level selection menu.

    This level contains shortcuts and secret places.

    You can also preview the track you selected by pressing the Space key in the jukebox menu.


  • Hey, sorry for double posting, but here is a new update !

    I uploaded the game on Newgrounds, but haven't submitted it yet, the obvious reason is because it's not finished yet.

    Xbox360 controller is now supported (Google Chrome ONLY), just press A on your controller to enable gamepad mode. Press any key on your keyboard to go back to keyboard mode. An icon should appear on the bottom-left corner of the screen when you change the controller type.

    Here are the controls for Xbox360 controller :

    • A => Jump
    • Left stick down/X => slide
    • Left stick left/right => move
    • LB => Restart Level
    • RB => Go back to last checkpoint

    There are still a few bugs :

    • The page scrolls down when you press the down arrow
    • There are margins on top and on the right of the game area on the page.

    If anyone knows how to get rid of these margins, I believe I have to edit the index.html file generated by Construct, but I can't find what to change, since it seems that margins are set to zero.

    And the scrolling problem seems to be on Newgrounds' side. I will ask them if they can do something.

    You can preview the game here (you don't need to be logged in) :


    Oh, and here is a sneak peak at what is coming next :

    <center><img src="http://img87.xooimage.com/files/f/f/3/lasers-38f71bc.png" border="0">

    <font size="4">ZOMFG LAZ0RZ</font></center>

  • Hi everyone, I just wanted to show you the new design of the game.

    The old design was cool, but it didn't allow me to create multiple "worlds", so, my friend and me (who made this awesome new tileset) decided to replace it by this one :

    <center><img src="http://img88.xooimage.com/files/4/4/f/bcd016df18c31e459...97937be4-3a299a2.png" border="0"></center>

    New "worlds" will be added in the future (well, it took a lot of time to make this one, but we'll see how many we will be able to make).

    A new level with lazers is going to be added in the next version of the game. I will probably upload it on Newgrounds, but first I have to solve a bug, the page scolls when you press the down arrow :/ I figured out it had something to do with the event that is used to detect keyboard inputs. I'll see what I can do.

    You can still play the previous version on Newgrounds :



    Glad to see you alive ! I though you were R.I.P !

    Nice Stuff ! You should give it a refine ( Ask a proffesionnal artist to re-do you all the arts that you don't think are enough refined , if that made sense ) and post it to steam greenlight !

    P.S. : If you don't remember me , then check out my signature :D

  • Thanks !

    The game is getting a refine, one tileset at a time, but it will take us some time. We are really busy, so it might be long.

    I'd like to post it on Greenlight, but if I remember correctly, Steam only accepts .exe for now, and I am still a student, so I can't pay the submission fee. Maybe I will try later :-)

  • I LOVE the new tileset. Email me at henryiag@mudvark.com when you have a playable demo with the new art and we should be able to help you out with the Greenlight submission fee.

  • No problem, I am currently working on it, it may take a couple of weeks to have everything set up.

    Thank you for your support ! :-)

  • The first post has been updated !

    Facebook page

    <center><img src="http://img94.xooimage.com/files/8/0/7/promo_clay_io-3a88017.png" border="0"></center>

    You can play the new version on Newgrounds :


    Or on clay.io (the links don't seem to work properly for now) :



    <center><img src="http://img90.xooimage.com/files/7/6/9/screen01-3a8808c.png" border="0">

    <img src="http://img90.xooimage.com/files/b/5/0/screen02-3a88092.png" border="0">

    <img src="http://img90.xooimage.com/files/f/6/2/screen05-3a88095.png" border="0">

    <img src="http://img92.xooimage.com/files/1/6/e/screen03-3a8809a.png" border="0"></center>

    I also fixed a bug in the leaderboards display, the scores were not displaying properly (0:94:2 instead of 1:34:2 for example).

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  • Bumping with a Christmas Update !

    A few things were added, like the options menu (where you can set both sound effects and music volumes), you can change your runner's color to fit your liking, and the 3rd demo level was added.

    I tweaked some things in the 2 previous levels,so I had to clear the leaderboards once again :(

    <center><img src="http://img92.xooimage.com/files/7/1/f/christmas_update-3a9f5c1.png" border="0"></center>

    You can play the game on Clay.io :


    Or on Newgrounds :


    Merry Christmas :-)

  • wow nicely done ^^ cant wait for more

  • You really think some parts of the game needs a refine? The art style works well just the way it is. And imagine the cost to redo all the art... But anyways this is one my favorite games for C2, nice job Albatr can't wait for the release!

    Also would you beable to share what program you used to draw the tiles? or what program your artist uses? (if your not the one who made the tiles)


    Glad to see you alive ! I though you were R.I.P !

    Nice Stuff ! You should give it a refine ( Ask a proffesionnal artist to re-do you all the arts that you don't think are enough refined , if that made sense ) and post it to steam greenlight !

    P.S. : If you don't remember me , then check out my signature :D

  • Pyxel Edit is an awesome tool for making tilesets : http://pyxeledit.com/index.php

    And it's free.

  • Oh awesome, thanks alot mate

    Pyxel Edit is an awesome tool for making tilesets : pyxeledit.com/index.php

    And it's free.

  • Hi !

    We're not dead yet ! And good news, we're still working on the game.

    I made a simple website where you can have access to a demo (both web and Windows versions)


    I will also post the next demo on clay.io.

    I made several changes to the menus, I added a few features, new levels, and new world (nature, but it's not playable yet, there will be 2 nature levels in the upcoming demo).

    We also worked on animated objects (grass, falling leaves with physics) to put in the nature levels, and on a new weather effects system (only rain is available at the moment, but we will add more).

    <img src="http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2013/29/1373895051-8br-animated-nature.gif" border="0">

    <img src="http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2013/29/1374189326-8br-rain.gif" border="0">

    Unfortunately, as you may have guessed, I cannot post the game on Scirra Arcade anymore because of the plugins restriction.

    And to answer the question "Can you provide a capx of your game ?", I cannot do that since this is a commercial game, but I can answer your questions about how I did certain things in the game if you really want to know.

  • I'm new to C2 and this game is very impressive IMO.

    If this is what you can do with C2 then I'm glad I bought it <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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