The big list of Construct 2 games you never finished - Post your videos/gifs here!

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Casino? money? who knows? but the target is the same!
  • I created plenty of games, many demos, but I never really showed them to anyone. Here are mine;

    Lousy Bum (Playable on Arcade)

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    Money Rain (Preview)

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    Jet Carrier Battle (Demo)

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    Tactical Airstrike (Demo)

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    Anti Tank Defense (Demo)

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    Now it's your turn.. dust off your old projects, fire up Construct 2, and post your videos here!


  • Thanks for sharing. I am glad I am not the only one that has tons of little demos and games that only I have ever seen ;)

    There is something immediately likable about Lazy Bum to me. It reminds me of a game from the 80s but I cannot put my aged mind to remember it. Just gives me a good vibe which is odd since you play a Bum. Would buy.

    For money rain I think the bucket is huge and won't make it as much of a challenge (opinion only). What if the bucket scaled smaller and smaller the longer they played?

  • Ketchup Canuck Haha, yes, I believe many of us have a library of demos lying around in the backyard of our harddrive. You should put up yours too.

    Ah yes, the Lousy Bum game. It was based on the game 'Rags to Riches' for the Commodore 64. I often see games, and get inspired to make something like it. Did you mean you would pay, like actual money for Lousy Bum?

    Yes my target audiences vary, Money Rain is a really casual game. But it can be challenging nevertheless, since it requires a quick reaction to avoid the money bomb or the bills. The idea of the bucket getting smaller is a good one. The demo of Jet Carrier Battle is almost more of a management game since you've got to attack and defend constantly.

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  • I also have some out there, why don't you edit the thread so we can all put our demos and forgotten ideas?

    I mean change the title and encourage the public to put their projects or ideas parked.

    If it seems good to you, of course.

  • Hiya, OK so I edited the title, and put a call to action in the post. Let's start sharing!

    P.S. I was thinking.. shall we maintain a preference for videos?

  • P.S. I was thinking.. shall we maintain a preference for videos?

    Videos or gifs..

    here`s mine:

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    How I say in the video description:

    A job in a state of suspension.

    This game is the second spiritual part of my first video game called Non Stop Robot for Android.

  • Hey if you press F11 you can record fullscreen!

  • It's true ... it didn't occur to me to press F11 while recording.

  • Wrangler and I used to work on this really nice RPG in C2 but since everyone has a reallife to care about its on hold

  • I have a habit of starting lots and not finishing much!

    Since the days of Klik and Play to Construct, I have quite a few I started and didn't finish!

    At the moment only Short Mat Bowls is online in the store :) Although there will be a couple more hopefully this year. I am thinking of creating a mix of the unfinished ones as a demo app - with ability to vote favorite which then I'd finish next

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