Bee Active - A game to help Honeybees!

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  • Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to start here regarding my project done to help raise awareness of honeybees and their importance. It offers a link to a crowdrise page where people can donate money to help this cause.

    This game is 100% free on a LOT of platforms. You can pick your platform of choice on the link below

    I learned a lot making this game in about a week including the art (amazing stuff that it is). I love construct 2 sooooo much



  • cool game. i tried the android version

  • awesome thanks! jaketakelake

  • This is a cool game. Good to see some people use the power of games for good!

  • MrGoatsnake thanks yea I'm trying this out to see how much impact it can make.

    The next big thing i'm working on is incorporating twitter and facebook into it to help spread the word.. I almost have Twitter figured out, just have to figure out why when I activate twitter, i can't click anything back in the game once the popup has happened..

  • Let me know how that goes! I am wanting to do the same thing in a game I am working on.

  • MrGoatsnake will do.. not getting any help on the twitter issue though just yet. might have to bump it for a few days till someone sees it. I really don't get why the app would fail to respond after the twitter thing plugs in.

    The big question once I get this hangup issue resolved, is simply, how will the twitter post appear in a mobile app (if at all).

  • part12studios Have you tried testing on different platforms? If you want to upload it somewhere I can give it a try. I have 4 Android devices (2.3 -> 4.3), 1 Apple device, 2 PC's, and a Linux box all running Chrome, Firefox, Opera. The PC has IE. Just let me know if you want any help testing on a different platform.

  • MrGoatsnake thanks for the offer. right now i'm just testing local, but you reminded me i should try online and in that situation it doesn't lock up.. i'm testing twitter on a simpler game for now

    you should see the twitter post link when the game over popup concerned.. i had to add the game over popup so it needs a little more work though.. but yea once i get this game working I'll get twitter in Bee Active next.

    I was holding off testing twitter on all the other platforms until i knew I at least had the web version working perfectly. Not sure I'll have much time today to fix it but it seems interesting that twitter will post a full message the first time, but the 2nd time it just displays "Text".. so something must need to be reset or something..

    I'll probably test android next once i know the web version is working. I'm just testing on Chrome right now, but naturally testing on other major browsers will be important.

    My goal in figuring out twitter is to offer a grand twitter tutorial that really explains it for all platforms. It seems like the twitter tutorials out there on the Scirra site are all pretty narrow in scope.

  • part12studios I really like Voider, I downloaded it on Android a few days ago after I saw a post you made.

    I will keep a look out on that tutorial. Oh yeah, I liked your tutorial on game organization, I shared it with a friend who is just getting into Construct, I think he will enjoy it. We have some similar ideas on organization. Good work.

  • MrGoatsnake thanks, i have a better version to push soon for various android.. i refined the touch controls.. before especially on my iphone 4s.. you had to really touch the light perfect to grab it.. now its waaaay easier to grab.. while still having the collision of the wall be more forgiving and easier to grab the voids and lights..

    i'm curious about that guys comment on the tutorial about doing things more object oriented.

  • part12studios I thought about the object oriented comment as well. I guess you could have a sheet per "game object." One that contains all variables and functions for that object. That method of thinking starts getting hairy though when you have to determine which event belongs to which sheet when there are two of more objects involved. The problem is objects very rarely exist without helper classes/design patterns to drive them. So then you would have sheets to represent those programming design patterns... it seems like it would get really confusing as the sheet pile up. I really prefer your method of a global variables sheet(s) that are well grouped, and then leaving the events up to the layout it belongs to only, only branching off global sheets as events/functions need to be shared..

    I am still relatively a noob when it comes to Construct 2 so I could be missing his point.

  • oh yea i see what you mean.. i guess that does make sense... but yea if that is what he's proposing I'd be concerned about the same things.

    Regardless I'm sure some value could come from knowing how he does it.

    I also just learned that Twitter is in beta, so it's not in the manual.. though I don't agree with that exactly.. at least have an beta chapter of the manual so we can still find out exactly what does what.. sure i can see official tutorials lacking since things would likely change / improve before going over as a stable feature.. but yea knowing it's not official, I may actually start looking at how to publish to facebook and if it's possible to post to facebook from C2 mobile apps. My partner (real coder) has a lot of fb experience isn't sure C2 has the means to get all the token/authentication stuff.. I'm hoping he's wrong.

    The other thing is to try (again) with Clay.IO It seems like an INCREDIBLE platform to cover all the bases.. and maybe even be truly cross platform, but last time i checked a few months back it seemed like virtually no one is actually using it with C2.. which is concerning. You would think a plugin like this would solve so many things.. leaderboards.. achievements... IAP.. facebook... twitter... etc..

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  • BEE-verlicious! Glad to see some people care!!!

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