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  • Inspired by the song decided to make a breakout clone.

    The idea is to destroy all the blocks before the song finished.

    Trying to get lerping working is a little haphazard - I want the black blocks to spawn explosions- at the moment they spawn an expanding circle with "immovable" set so it should push other blocks out the way (turning them movable when colliding)

    'cos it's still work in progress, left click will respawn the ball, right click will spawn the exploding black block.

    Click image to play:

    Superninjaedit :

    Thanks to offical spritefont plugin - now available on arcade!

  • interesting yet cool game, the only thing i would say, ball should be destroyed as soon as goes out of screen.

  • Updated , link still the same - added pixel score and ball counters with Mipey 's Sprite Font Plugin

    Still to add a winning screen, loading etc, and more levels.

    I'd like to explore some kind of image to array thing to turn gif or png sources into blocks for playing. :)

    Scores/Ball Counter :

    <img src="" border="0">


    <img src="" border="0">

  • Bang bang, bangabang bang :)


    -I like what you have done with the graphics.

    -All of the colours are easy on the eye.

    -Bouncing the blocks you have knocked down back up to do more damage is a really nice mechanic (the effect looks nice too).

    -The song has a nice novelty effect when the game begins.


    -While the blocks themselves look really nice perfectly arranged in the middle - its not very functional that way. When you hit the front blocks the ball rebounds too fast because its too close and when you hit it up over the blocks there is a lot of wasted space. I would suggest raising the blocks up a bit more.

    -The song loses its novelty rather quickly.

    All in all I think its a really good start. Oh an by the way, I think your loading screen with the Johnny6 logo is genius.

  • I'll work on the falling block vs balls, I can turn off collision on the ball while it's in the lower zone perhaps, and have only blocks collide with each other.

    I've requested the guy who made the song if I can have the separate vocal and backing tracks, to make the blocks trigger the 'bang' :)

    Have you noticed it crashing/freezing on chrome if you bounce the ball onto the top?

  • Having the blocks trigger the bang sound is a really good idea!

    I did actually notice that freeze when i landed the ball on top of the block - but i didnt have time to test again (was using chrome). Pretty weird, have you got something triggering when you hit the top of the block or is it just totally random?

  • It works fine on localhost, it seems to bug out like mad when hosted. Not sure what the issues is, part of the fun should be that if you roll the ball across the top of the blocks and hit a green multiball block, you spawn 10-20 balls that roll around and destroy more blocks. :D

    They're set to trigger torque and small upwards impulse to prevent balls sitting still when resting on a block.

    Hard Refresh the page, I've added better ball control, new fonts and a title screen among other things. :)

  • I changed the sprites, now it's behaving even stranger.

    The blocks were 32x32 scaled to 16x16, I then replaced them with 16x16 sprites 1:1 ratio, and now it's slow as hell, no other tweaks!

    Anyone else played with a lot of physics objects at once?

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  • Updated again, made the sprites 15.9px, so with pixel rounding they appear 15.9, but for collision, they don't overlap.

    Still getting the freezing issue online, but works fine offline (never frozen once on localhost)

    Anyone else had this?

    Here are some shots of the updated graphics :

    <img src="" border="0" />

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • i dont know if it is because of my computer or not but sometimes when you do a combo balls, the screen is freezing and you will have to refresh the browser to play again,

  • Yeah, it's really odd, I don't know what's causing it, maybe if I don't "minify" the script it'd help, it works on LocalHost no worries. :-/

  • I solved it - it was an issue with the "minification" - I just exported without it, and there is no crash, give it a whirl. :)

    reposted updated graphics :

    <img src="" border="0">

    <img src="" border="0">

  • Just had another little go, seems to be improved, i got the multiball thing from the top and all the blocks just melted away :)

    Seemed like i had to knock the ball with the side of my head to get enough force to get the ball up, just bouncing on my head wasnt getting the distance.

  • That's the skill - the faster you're moving on the x axis, the faster the ball will rebound when it hits your head. :)

  • Got scores working! Now to figure out an elegant way to make them do some kind of totalling thing like the 'cashing in' at the end of each Sonic Stage.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Post your high scores.

    Bonus points yet to be awarded for playing while holding down spacebar.

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