AstroVault HTML5 mobile game (Completed)

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  • While I am knocking out the Team Notion game, I will be producing small html5 mobile apps with my partner Ben Ward. Trying our best to make some decent apps work on mobile so we are trying out some very simple ideas and expanding til we start seeing a dip in performance.

    Here's our first small HTML5 mobile project currently under heavy development, AstroVault. We plan to knock out 1 of these every week or two.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Progress video 1 (first 24 hours of development):


    we still have to add in hazards, powerups and more. Let's hope we can squeeze all that in while maintaining a decent framerate on mobile devices...

    (Andrew Augustin - Art, Ben Ward - programming)

  • Looks fun!

    Would be good to know what limits you're hitting and also what wrapper you're going to use (if any).

  • Gianmichele

    Thanks. Yes I will be sharing all the information during the course of development.

  • Art looks great, like always :)

  • Thank you Beaverlicious :)

    update: Titlescreen


    also, everything is working well on the phones through playing the game in browsers. For some reason we can't get the game to run well as an app. Some phones it doesn't start up while others it does after a couple of tries. Once it does, it runs fine though. Best thing thus far is to run through the browser from a link

  • Very creative and different... I like it.

  • Very creative and different... I like it.

    Thank you very much for your kind comment.

    Here's an update with some gameplay.


  • Looks good, but it would be nice if shadow in asteroids will be unmovable and stay on one side like ... hm... shadow

  • [tube][/tube]

    The game is finished and running pretty well on my phone. Was pretty surprised since the last time i tried to make an app for mobile the performance was pretty bad. Seems like there's been a ton of improvements since I last tried.

  • Very cool! Should be a hit. :)

  • Very cool! Should be a hit. :)

    Thank you. I can only hope haha

  • Hello! Gameplay is exellent! You are cool team!

  • I've just seen Astro Vault on

    Passing by to say great graphics and nice game.

  • I like the game play idea, but findout two problems about it and both are about timing.

    1- If i skip jumping for a while, astreoid explodes. Its ok, but when i pass 2 spins and get ready to jump in third spin i don't have enough time to make the jump. You should allow me to complete the 3rd spin before i jump and if i go below the origin y axis you may explode that astreoid.

    2- Again timing, may be it is just my luck but movements of creatures are repetative. I mean, in the first chance of jump if the monster is blocking those crystals they will block them on 2nd and 3rd spin so there will be no way to collect those crystals. It happens to me four times in different game starts.

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  • NotionGames

    did you trademark/copyright you app names?

    if yes - then how and how much $ for that?

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