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  • Hi guys, I just released my second game, Angle Shooter.

    It is a simple puzzle game where your aim is to destroy all the platforms and stars in each level. The bullet will ricochet off each platform depending on your angle of entry, and the angle of the platform. Currently there are 123 levels, I will add more later. Hahaha although all of my testers have yet to be able to reach level 90.

    The Promo Video for my game:

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    Like my previous game, I credited many of our forum contributors in my game credits section as I do appreciate all your help.....and the credits would looked horribly empty if I didn't add <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_razz.gif" alt=":P" title="Razz"> If it looks like a game that might interest you, I would greatly appreciate your download and rating on Google Play. ... gleShooter

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  • Very cool, and original in my opinion

  • Thanks arcab072081! Haha I came up with the gameplay just last year, but I was still worried that this game concept might have already been conceived and developed. My testers all say they have not played a game like this, so to hear it from you too is very reassuring. Thank you again for taking the time! Much appreciated!

  • Nice game ! Is there a web version ?

  • Thanks Marius87! No, I'm afraid I only released it on Android. In all honesty, I never thought about releasing it as a web game.....maybe I should to try and get some exposure?

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  • you definitely should, why not to iOS and windows as well? I'm sure you can make it more profitable if is not already

  • arcab072081, yeah I was planning to export to IOS, but I need a mac to do that which I don't have.....haha and I don't have any iphones to test, so I would feel bad having to constantly borrow my friends iphone to test.

    To be perfectly honest, the reason why I didn't export to the others is because of money and time constraints. Having to buy a second hand iphone, pay the yearly appstore fee and rent an online mac, it still cost some money, money that I am not sure if I will make back. That is why I thought that I would only look at exporting to the other stores if the game was doing ok in the Playstore. (for example, a few thousand download and at least 1k active installs) Perhaps I am being too cautious?

    As for time constraints, I am now in the middle of setting up the tutorials for my third game so that I can push it into beta for my testers, finishing up my website, and discussing with an online marketeer who's service claims he will create a sort of press release and help me submit to all the relevant android game review websites. Haha it is tough, but I am trying my best to enjoy and learn from this experience. But to be honest.....anytime I spend in C2 doing anything with my game seems like fun times to me! So maybe once my website is done, and that bit of marketing is done, I will look into the process of exporting to the others as well.

  • Wow you seem to have a busy schedule with all this. I'm a full time store mgr here in Texas, so i really dont have much time either, and I'm currently working on my first game, but my aim is Windows store. I do see your point on iOS, i honestly dont intend to touch that market either, they charge too much for everything, and just like you i have nothing Apple. Hopefully soon i will be able to launch my game and get my webpage and everything up and running, and let you know how the windows store works for me, maybe you could also release it there too

  • arcab072081, haha yes it is definitely hard when we are working a full time job to juggle with game development, but I have to say, I am enjoying the experience! True about apple store, that is why I think unless we have generated a little buzz about our games, we will stay clear of it at the moment.

    Thanks, I would really appreciate you sharing our experience with windows store once you export it. I'll be sure to post any milestones I've achieved here as well so it could perhaps serve as reference to everyone else as well.

  • rekjl yes Definitely!!! I'll keep you in the loop.

    and yes is pretty difficult to find a good amount of time, but just like you, I'm doing it, and loving it

  • arcab072081, much appreciated! Thanks! Haha playing with c2 brings out the kid in me, even after 2+ years using it. That's the best compliment I can give C2.

  • Great game my friend,

    Really good idea. Very inspiring. I'm on level 13..

  • I exit the game, and when restart I just jumped to the level 88..??? what??

  • Thanks for that! Ouch what big mistake, I was debugging and forget to change something back. Thanks again, and sorry for that.

  • Just fixed and uploaded to Playstore the new version. tucamone, I'm afraid you'll need to uninstall, than reinstall which will bring you back to level1. If you update it, it will continue from level 88. I'm really sorry for this. I am really grateful to you for catching this bug so quickly! Thanks!

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