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  • Aim and shot is a very simple game. It is very easy to learn but can be really hard to master as it requires flawless aim and foresight along with quick and fast responses and decision making. It is endless and so is the fun that comes along with it.

    The game is simple in the way that there are not many complex things to learn or do but that doesn't keep it from being something not worth enjoying. Because it has all other elements that just keep you hooked to the screen and leave you always craving for more.

    You have to guide your fighter jet through countless shredders that will destroy it if even touched the slightest. Moreover, the walls are your enemy too. All in all anything instead of your landing zone is a death zone and you need to aim and shoot your jet on it.

    Upon reaching another safe zone you need to quickly make a run for another one as it will vanish in some seconds and you will die if you don't leave it in that time. So sharpen up your aim and get ready to SHOOT!!!

    Main Features

    Immersive Gameplay

    Highly Addicting

    Endless stage and fun

    Progressing Difficulty


    get it here on google play

  • Nice one

    How did you set up the camera focus? Is it a steady increment or do you base it on object positions?

  • I'm really sorry... but... the name should be "Shoot" and not "Shot" because "Shot" is past tense... Sorry!

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  • I'm really sorry... but... the name should be "Shoot" and not "Shot" because "Shot" is past tense... Sorry!

    There's also a game on Steam called 'Pike and Shot', I guess he used 'Aim and Shot' because the name you suggest has already been taken/used.. a thousand times

  • Aim and shot is available now on android

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