Advil Liquid Capsules Racing Game [HTML5]

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  • Hey Guys,

    I've just created a game for Advil to promote their Liquid Capsule pain killers here in Australia. The game was inspired by their TV commercial and makes extensive use of the Mode7 effect by R0J0hound (many thanks!). I was quite please with the 3D effect I got on the obstacles and bonuses by offsetting a few component pieces along the z-axis .

    The game was designed for mobile, but works on desktop too. I managed to do this with one build that redirects to an iFramed version of itself if you're not on a mobile device, I've yet to work out a more elegant solution to cover all users.

    You can play the game here, enjoy:

  • Nice work!

  • Thanks !

  • The game is very fun.

    The progression of difficulty is great.

    My record

  • Thanks guimaraf there's always a balancing act of not making it too hard vs making it boring, hopefully most people will be able to have some fun with it.

    That's one of the better scores, highest I've seen was in the 49,000's so you're not far off. I'll have to check the Google Analytics to see if anyone's beaten that (assuming they're not using an ad blocker!).

  • mbe Very good to know

    If you have more updates in the game, I'll want to try again.

  • Very nice work. Nice effect too.

  • This is a pretty cool game! It feels polished and well made! Can I ask mbe what aspects of player behaviour are you tracking with Analytics?

    edit: disregard my previous question, I just found your thread discussing GA here.

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  • guimaraf The campaign is live now so I probably won't be making any changes to this game, I will use it as a starting point for any future similar games though.

    Ragevortex Thanks! R0J0hound should probably take a lot of the credit though!

    Artpunk I'm actually using suntemple plugin for Google Analytics now instead of my JavaScript hack:

    I try to track as much as it makes sense to, e.g. score at the end of the game, how many replays and any external links. I also fire a time stamp every few seconds during game play so I record something for people who leave the game before finishing. Unfortunately a lot of ad-blockers also block Google Analytics which is understandable from a privacy point of view, but annoying when you're trying to get user feed back to build better games!

  • mbe Thanks for the info, Ill be attempting to use Google Analytics in coming weeks so I'm gathering information in preparation. Your notes on what behaviours you're actually tracking are definitely useful!

    In my case I don't think Ill be able to use suntemple's plugin because, from what I read in that thread, it's not ideal for apps / mobile games.

    I was planning to follow this tutorial by aronduby, which builds on your js hack. Do you know if that's the best option for integrating Google Analytics into in a mobile game mbe?

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