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11 loops of RPG, chiptune/8-bit music. Suitable for any pixel art game.
  • This is a game based on Action 52. I want some criticism. I posted this here because somebody gave my game 1 star and didn't explain it. I think when you are rating a game you MUST write a comment about what do you like/dislike about the game, and giving 1 star without any criticism is dickish.

    So, what can you say?

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  • The game is confusing, the control is confusing and no have objetives to do. Only happen a prototype to test movement or some behavior of the elements of the game, but only this.

    [EDIT] I don?t put the star <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • The controls are confusing? How are they confusing? You only have your regular movements like jumping and walking and an almost useless attack.

    I didn't write anywhere what to do, my bad. I will change the description. Plus, there are 2 games, there is a portal to the left to transport you there.

  • fassFlash

    I agree with Kuso, the game is confusing.. the character moves very slowly.. there is no real control with the space ship, the firing shots at the wrong angle to the position of the ship..

    The stars are there to rate the game;being a good or bad point (not sure) I'm not sure if you 'MUST'write a comment though ( what if you only get negatives)

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