Items Actions - Sound Effects

Alot of High Quality Items sound effects for your game!

Alot of High Quality Items sound effects for your game!

Items Actions - Sound Effects

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    Released: 22 Jan, 2022

    First Release

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Hello Dev!

This pack was created with the sound of the items in your game, and the actions they can do. This package was designed in a way that makes the player, the second he hears the sound, have a very good idea of ​​what just happened, having a greater immersion within the game.

They have a big influence on RPG and Adventure games but serve a number of genres. It's important to remember that I named them after the visual reference, however you can use them as you see fit. Take a minute to listen to them :)

I imagined situations that can happen when using items, such as eating, drinking, healing, poisoning, breaking, buying, repairing, among others.

By investing in this package you take all that and still help me to continue creating quality sound effects for a very nice price!

I hope you like it! Here is the list of folders, remember that each folder has multiple files, totaling 100 sound effects.

  • Antidote
  • Buy_Item
  • Card_Item
  • Debuff_Item
  • Divine_Item_Craft
  • Drink_Health_Item
  • Drink_Item
  • Drink_Poison_Item
  • Fix_Item
  • Food_Item
  • Health_Potion
  • Item_Break
  • Medieval_Item_Craft
  • Move_Item
  • Revive
  • Sci-Fi_Item
  • Store_Item
  • Throw_Item
  • Upgrade_Item

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