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  • Hey everyone. Been a while since I was here.

    I recently setup a challenge called #90DayDev.

    The idea. 90 days. 90 prototypes. The idea was inspired after watching an

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    I'll post them here also as all of them are being made in Construct 2. I'm 3 days in with 7 projects so far and having a blast! Not to mention finishing stuff left, right and center!

    #1 - Deflector - a simple planet defense style affair..

    #2 - Ballvolution - can you work out who is chasing who?

    #3 - Bananaskito - inspired by mosquitos being attracted to people who have eaten bananas

    #4 - Affirmations - highlighting how positivity and negativity feed themselves

    #5 - Checkered Path - drag the green ball to the green square. simples?

    #6 - The Good & Bad

    #7 - Human Pinball - need I say more??

    Would love to get some feedback on them and over the course of the 90 days I'll be documenting how each one was pieced together, much like I've already done for the planetary defence one.

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  • Yeah it's amazing how fast you can get a prototype done. I started doing that a while ago, but instead of stopping and moving on after each one, I couldn't resist taking the prototypes further. I did think about just hammering away one after the other but it is hard to stop when you get something solid going ;p

    The good thing about these short sessions is you'll not get bored as easy, you'll increase your dev speed with each one, it exercises your creativity, AND you'll have many many working ideas rather than ideas jotted down in Notepad or something.

    I'll check these when I have more time. I've procrastinated enough tonight ;p

  • Thanks procrastinator! hah well in that case I highly recommend Human Pinball, been my favourite to code so far, to aid your procrastinating, it's the least involving lol.

    Hear you re taking them further, to be fair the theme seems to be balls for a lot of them, hence why I ended up opting for triangles in Human Pinball. I've steered from taking them further, but definitely see myself taking a few of them further down the line. Or if nothing else, adding another layer of polish or two.

    Definitely, one of my focus's for the next year is building a comprehensive portfolio and this is a nice way to bolster it.

  • Yeah the pinball one was funny! Could make for a fun game that one.

    Joined the gamemakersguild... looks interesting

  • Cheers, yeah, if a somewhat impossible one lol. Time to think up #8

    Cool re tgmg. Mind the tumbleweeds though.

  • Couldn't resist carrying on from the theme of the last one for #8

    Introducing... Human Keepy Uppy

  • Entry #9

    Block Builder. What can you build?

  • Day 5 and Entry #10

    Got some inspiration from this creative ideas tool

    #10 – Money Magnet - How much money can you attract?

  • Day 6 and here is entry #11 - used some great graphics from various sources including,, C2 Including Graphics and galaxy by Vicki Wenderlich. Sounds by Universal Sound Fx!

    #11 - Star Tracer - Stars don't map themselves!

  • Day 7 and entry #12 is complete. Watch the pixel clans as they scramble to appease their god, megapixel in...

    Pixel Wars - Spheres of Influence

  • Looks pretty good!, how did you implement the pathfinding thing?

  • Hi Wisdoms, thank you. for simplicity I used the 'pick the nearest' action so they find the nearest dead pixel to them.

  • Onto day 8 and entry #13 of my #90daydev challenge...

    This time its a two player game of light sequences, so grab the nearest person. first to five points wins!

    Play Light Flo

  • Day 9 was yesterday and with it came my 14th entry for my #90daydev challenge!

    Pet-Chains – 2 player (dual touch enabled. for tablets only). both players must draw chains of animals on their board in 90 seconds!

    Made in just a couple of hours and featuring art by

  • Day 10 and I've just finished entry number 15 to a level I'm comfortable with for demonstration purposes. This is definitely a project from my #90daydev that I will be taking further!

    Dungeon Tactics is my spin on a dungeon-crawler-rpg-type-game-(prototype). Arrow keys to move. Match tiles on the game board to attack, replenish energy, health & more!

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