My #90DayDev Challenge

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  • Thanks again DUTOIT! it was really fun to make that one. I have plans to take that one further.

    Just finished my 24th entry... Codename..

    Word Searcher

  • #25 is bursting with endless fun...

    Balloon Poppin'

    OR point devices here

  • Wow, that's some really amazing work!

    Please, keep posting these.. it's just too interseting.

  • Thank you Wisdoms - really appreciate your comment!

    I shall endeavour to keep posting them

    Just 65 games to go...

  • The fact that you are turning out functioning, interesting games is amazing, BUT, that they looks so damn good is unreal.

    Keep em comming... Wish i was half as fast as you... lol.

    My games generally are developed over a period of months, maybe I must do some quick ones to get a pace going - (I like the idea that you will flesh some of them out into bigger completed projects.)

    I'm sure you are learning tons

  • Cheers DUTOIT - I've been making games since knee-high, although until now I've been talking the talk, not actually walking the walk. So I thought it was high-time I changed it.

    If you're looking to challenge yourself you should definitely consider doing my #30daydev challenge reckon you'd get a lot from it. We're active on twitter at and use the hashtag #30daydev

    As you say I have learnt tons! and the crazy thing is I have 25 albeit 98% finished games in the space of 20 days

  • Nice! And it's cool to see how you improve in gameplay design and complexity

    Keep up the good work

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  • Thank you jakobdam already it feels weird looking back on some of my earlier entries. By the end of it it will like a life-time's worth packed into 90 days lol!

  • More of a mechanic than a game this entry, as I've not 100% figured out where it best fits into a game of sorts. One for the back-burner most definitely.

    26/90 - I Say, You Say

  • More of a mechanic than a game this entry, as I've not 100% figured out where it best fits into a game of sorts. One for the back-burner most definitely.

    Interesting... couldn't help but think about those magicians that make you think of something, then do this, add that and eventually you arrive at red hammer - lol.

  • haha, interesting DUTOIT could see that working quite well.

    The problem I see with it is that its very subjective, so one persons thoughts would be totally different to anothers, so in a sense the words are all wrong as I soon found out when my wife played it! lol!

    The other problem I see would be that if for example it was to be released, I'd need to release like scenario packs or packs of associated words. so yeah not really sure how it'd work in the long run and definitely by far my weakest entry lol!

  • Looking at this thread makes me want to challenge myself to produce at least 10 MP games within 30 days....

  • Do it DuckfaceNinja

  • Day 22 and with it brings...

    Paddle Ball - Touch the paddles to keep the ball moving.

    This has also just given me an idea for my next one, which I may well put out today also

  • .... ANDDddd Paddle Ball just had a baby! Hold touch to draw paddles to direct the ball to the goal.

    Paddle Power

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