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  • Hey guys!

    I'd like to show you my solo project. I'm trying to develop a 2D sidescroller beat 'em up with some platform elements.

    Right now this prototype is really basic, I just have a few animations, the controls, Button Buffers and the combo system working. The enemy doesn't have any kind of movement or IA yet. I'm using the Nes palette for the sprites, but I'm not committed with the real rules and restrictions of that console, thus, the sprites have more than 4 colors and so on.

    I'm facing some real challanges since I don't have a background in computer science. Dealing with families and instances are also a real pain (not sure if it's due to the C2 limitations or my lack of experience with logic and programming).

    I'm not sure if I'll be able to finish this game because I'm working alone, but I really intend to! I'd like to publish it on Ouya as well, because I want to play this on my TV!

    I hope you guys like it and please leave me some feedbacks!

    And if you don't like, just know that Andore is a grat friend of mine, I can ask him to beat you up on any Metro City's alley!(Just kidding =P)


    P.S.: The music was composed by my friend Guifrog, however the music and SFX are placeholders.

  • love it!

  • Really nice!!

  • Thanks guys!

    I hope I can write a tutorial in the future. I want to explain some concepts about beat 'em ups in C2 to share my the experience I've acquired developing this game.

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  • I would love to know how to draw 8bit pixel art :/ When I see something like this I think "I should try it" :D

    Good work! And when you have a playable version tell us :D

  • Very nice :D

    Great job with the art, the mechanics of the game looks pretty polished too.

  • zozimodg That is really impressive. I would love for you to make a tutorial on it. Specifically concerning the grab and throw your character does. That and the way the enemies bounce after they hit the ground. Really great stuff. Looking forward to more.

  • Love it ... Now where are my 5 bucks ?

  • Nice! Hope to see more of this in the future :)

  • Wow! Thanks guys for the support! I wasn't expecting these good feedbacks! This is exciting and motivating, I'll do my best to improve even more 8-Bit 'em Up and I hope I can release a public version soon.

  • Excellent stuff Zozimodg! Reminds me of the old Double Dragons on NES. Hahaha! Love the fact that you can grab the enemy and throw him!

  • REALLY!! nice game man!!, i hope you can give me some tips in order to do the combos, and the enemies AI, or something. I'm trying to create a Beat em up like your game.

    thanks a lot.

  • Very cool! I'd maybe ditch the red gloves to differentiate him more from the Streets of Rage-series? Regardless, look forward to seeing more :)

  • Good job, love the pixel art!

  • It looks awesome, the artsyle is very handsome mixture of body blows, cisco heat and similar games palettewise. animations look smooth and you seem to have most of the base system in place! Please share more as soon as you can! Nice to see these things for old guys like me :)

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