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  • Hello everybody !

    Surfing on the web i have find a 360-degree panorama of the small town of Ockley (Indiana) ... i decide it was time to create something which was not a game !!!, so a simple interactive 360? panorama view with device orientation support ... i test it on my Iphone 4 and surprise ... it was not to bad ! ;-p

    So, if you have a device with orientation support, take a look => Here ... you can also test it on a "standard" computer and move clicking with mouse on left/right edges or using keyboard arrows left/right keys ... but it's less interesting and fun !

    ENjoy !

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  • hm,

    it seems i can't get it to work on FF or IE? There is no panorama!

    I can see the texts and compass, but thats all.


  • It worked for my ipod touch, it looks interesing, it may have inaccurate but it's still awesome, anyways there no panorama pics on my device.

    A suggestion, you need to crop and resize this image. Every videogames don't support more than 1024 size for sprite.

  • Seems all ok now, thanks for feedbacks !

    Sorry for bugs, i've made many updates upload of this application during your tests so it isn't good at all to give good feedbacks !

    I've now resize the width view to 1080x720 (the layout and 360? panorama full size are 6000x720). This application use only TiledBackground and Text Objects... no Sprites Objects which put safari browser near death.

    Last version uploaded with improvements ! :

    • Add Author's comments on the 360? panorama of Ockley !
    • Adjust Compass/orientation according to Author's data
    • Add a auto fade and zoom system (disabled for mobile devices and Apple browsers).

    Details about future improvements & compass :

    • Actually the compass is use in app. to the move the view on the 360? panorama picture and the starting orientation is always considered as "North". Could be cool to start with the user's real current orientation but seems not be done automatically in "Touch.Alpha" (need some tips guys ! ... perhaps it was just my Iphone compass which was not calibrated)
    • I also want to add more panoramas and let users create areas that triggered text comments displaying or/and sounds playing.

    ENjoy !

  • I'm suuuuuper impressed man. This is really good. Good job.

  • Hello everybody !,

    Change the name of this application to "Compan360" (Compass/Panorama/360) and upload a new version ... as the link change i also change it in the introducing post.

    You can also find a new Embelled version, giving you access to cool links.

    What's new ?

    • Add a background for main comments.
    • Add random sub comments.
    • Add a plane view with auto rotating display (disabled for mobile and Apple browsers) ... and infortunatly this view as not be taking at the same period of time than the panorama so please no comments about that ! ...

    I've also test this version on my pc with IE9/Chrome/Firefox/Opera and Safari ... and on Iphone4 (ios 4.3.3). "IE9" seems this time giving the best results.

    Need for your comments to improve this application !


  • Hi !

    New version uploaded, change a couple of things about display. I'm searching for a true subtitle font system with 2 colors (outline) so if someone have some tips about that i take !

  • Nice one! :D, it looks promising!

    In my iPod Touch 4 it has panorama, but it shows no Radar and auto zoom.

    I guess appMobi may help it.

  • If you think you could have better performance on ipod than on a desktop pc with safari i can upload a test version with all features enabled ...

    But my test on a safari/pc show poor performance about opacity effects so i disabled radar and zoom feature for all mobile devices and apple browsers.

  • Oh i see, how did you disable radar and zoom feature on safari mobile?

  • simple ...

    is on mobile device


    left(Browser.Vendor,5)="Apple" -> map.destroy ... zoom=0

    SO features are disabled for safari and all mobile devices (Ipad/Iphone/Ipod & Android etc ...)

  • Thanks for clearing it, you should to make Tour apps for mobiles, you may earn a lot of money ;)

  • Ok a fake Iphone preview with all features on (radar on top left) ... thanks to AppMOBI XDK !

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/74282909/Compan360/images/Iphone_Compan360.png" border="0" />

    Yes sure, it's possible to do something cool with C2 which is not a game ! ... and i look towards AppMobi too ...

    ENjoy !

  • Hello guys !,

    New version of Compan360 uploaded, size change for a close scirra arcade export ! ... yes, actually Compan360 is not a game but i think it could become a good engine for click adventure games ("1112" like)... i will put a "Whack-a-mole" inside in next release to give more things to do !

    (This update provide also better gyroscope accuracy and perfs on mobile / Test on Iphone4 iOS 5.1.1)

    You will find the project at the same url as before !

    Enjoy !

  • Yes it is ! just a post because i'm proud to put for the first time a project on scirra arcade ! ;-) ... but my smile don't stay ... it's really bad not to have a way to change our arcade game miniature so ... when display on white background .. (see "new games" in scirra arcade section) ... it's ugly ! ;-(

    Please give us a scirra arcade plugin in C2 where we can managed game logo and details (or improve settings in C2 scirra arcade export) !!

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